Potential masters in finance

197 CAE, 720 Gmat, 3.7 gpa non-target, 7 case competitions(local and regional), no internships and relevant work experience. What schools should I aim for, masters in finance or masters in management in Europe? Goals are money and prestige.


Serbian as a native and English. Also, I am going on a student exchange to Sweden for the next semester, maybe I can catch a bit of Swedish there, no?


When you arrive in Sweden, Stockholm I assume, I'd go directly to SSE and check them out, talk to advisors, build a relationship. Don't wait till the end of the semester.

Before you meet with anyone, read about the schools, professors, placement, curriculum, clubs, etc...and become an expert. When you talk them them ask insightful questions and show them you are interesting and interested.

The fact you are studying away is a perfect opportunity to take advantage of your proximity to get to know them. This is a great school and if you don't care where you live then the tuition costs are lower and the two year program gives you a chance for an internship or even study away 2nd year.


Aim for english speaking countries then: LBS/LSE, SSE, Bocconi or RSM. All are solid options for you. If you are going to Sweden why not pick SSE MSc in Finance as your top choice (really solid program and great placements).


Regarding RSM, it is a good school with good placements if you are Dutch (The people I know from last year, were almost all Dutch speakers with strong internship experience. I can only think of one foreign student getting a job in London...) The 2 major IB recruiting events with the (BB/EB) all require Dutch for every bank (except 1/2 banks). Hence, most of the placements that happen into London are often people who are native/fluent Dutch speakers. It isn't impossible to be an international for IB recruiting efforts in the Netherlands/UK, but the internship opportunities in the Netherlands (except the Dutch banks) and recruiting events are just limited and not favoured towards internationals hence they will set you up significantly worse for London. However, If you already have solid big brand name banks on your CV through internships prior RSM is solid, but at that point RSM doesn't give you any more value aside from the network, which is arguably pointless for internship and grad positions. 


As someone from the balkans who is trying to do the same, I think your best bet is LBS/Bocconi/HEC. It’s insanely expensive to study in the UK at the moment and Bocconi and HEC place really well in UK and Europe. Atleast that’s what I’m aiming for. Also look into RSM/SSE as someone suggested above, they’re ranked pretty solid and apparently place well in London.

Good luck brother


Bocconi is probably the best master for you: among the best and 2-year program giving you more time for internships. All of the quoted above are excellent but if you are not sure about what you are exactly looking for (place/sector) I think having some more time will benefit you

HEC MiM could be a very strong option but might not have the full experience not speaking French


I would say:

HEC - decent to good chance if you are an international with low representation

LBS - low because no experience

LSE - decent because ok GPA/GMAT but not over the top

Anyhow, apply early and to all of them. Why don't you have any internship though ?


Kao neko ko poznaje 10+ ljudi iz Srbije sa Heca, nekoliko iz Hrvatske i ko je sam kandidat, ne bih ti savetovao pomenute mastere. Prevelika je konkurencija sa Balkana a tvoj cv/priča nije fenomenalna da budem iskren. Gmat je okej i za Grand Ecole i za Mif ali sve ostalo kaska. Trebaju ti 2-3 internshipa, dosta extracurricular koji poeintira leadership i neka prica koja te izdvaja. Hec je zaista ubistvo od konkurencije.

Bocconi je otkako je privatizovan od strane arapa smanjio kvotu za nas deo evrope i sada se dosta teze upada, znam jednog naseg sa 780 gmatom i jakim cv-jem.

Pokusaj LBS, tu bi se možda i provukao.


Ps, iskren feedback, nemoj shvatiti pogresno.


Nema nikakve ljutnje, cela poenta posta je to da sam svestan toga da postoji vrlo mala verovatnoća da budem prihvaćen u tim najboljim školama. Međutim, postoje škole koje bi rado želele nekog kao što sam ja a sigurno su bolje od ovih naših srpskih, što je i razlog zbog kog sam postavio ovo na ovom forumu.

Prema tome, meni je negde ideja da pokušam za neke škole kao što su Warwick, SSE i slično koje nisu top kalibar, ali su opet dovoljno reputabilne da bih mogao fino da se snađem posle toga.


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