Profile Check - Applying for UK masters

Hey Monkeys,

I'm applying for master's programs in the UK: LSE, Imperial, and Oxbridge.

Here's my profile:

Graduated with a first from a semi-target (GPA equivalent of over 3.8), have over 1.5yrs of professional experience at top BB, no GMAT/GRE.

Whats my odds of getting an offer?


Hey there,

Based on the most helpful WSO content, your profile seems quite strong. You have a high GPA from a semi-target school and substantial professional experience at a top BB, which is impressive.

However, the GMAT can be a significant factor in admissions, especially for competitive programs like those at LSE, Imperial, and Oxbridge. Many of these programs value a strong GMAT score, and it can help set you apart from other candidates.

That being said, each of these programs also has its own set of criteria and they look at applications holistically. Your professional experience and high GPA will definitely be in your favor.

In terms of odds, it's hard to give a precise estimate without knowing the average GMAT scores and other specifics of accepted students in these programs. But don't let that discourage you. You have a strong profile and you should definitely apply.

Remember, the application process is not just about your profile, but also about how well you can articulate your experiences, goals, and reasons for wanting to join the program in your essays and interviews. So make sure to spend ample time on those as well.

Best of luck with your applications! You're doing great, keep it up!

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My bad - skimmed through your post and saw 3.8 GPA, assumed you’re from outside of the U.K.

With that said, you wouldn’t be able to get into Oxford without a GMAT. Cambridge MFin is really quite bad, I wouldn’t recommend it if you have serious career aspirations.

With a 1st and BB experience you’re likely to get into LSE & Imperial provided you can write a good essay and have solid references, as people usually apply there with worse experience/to break into BBs. So really you’re looking at those two.

That said, just because it says optional GMAT it doesn’t mean that there’s no difference between no GMAT and a 700+ gmat. It adds weight to your application and if they had to identical candidates but one had a gmat, they’d go with the gmat one.


Congrats on 1st class and 1.5 years of experience at GS!

I would say that your chances are at the lower end, given that you come from a semi-target, non-front office role and no GMAT. While some people manage to get in without the GMAT, LSE MFin still remains one of the most competitive programmes in the UK - everyone is 1st, and has front-office internships and leadership roles at ECs. Taking a GMAT with a 700+ score will not only boost your chances but also allow you to apply to other programmes LBS MFin, HEC MFin, ESCP MFin etc.

If your plan is to work in the UK in a front office role, why not complete an IBD/PE internship in your country prior to the master's?


Hey man,

Thank you very much.

Interesting and makes sense, as you say everyone is applying, especially now whilst the market is not good.

With regards to internship, I'd love to and I've been applying to off-cycles whenever they come up and I suppose now, I could apply for the on-cycle ones as well.

Just received an offer to study at Imperial MSc Accounting and Finance, this is my insurance choice now.


Congrats on the offer - a bit off topic but, when did you do your interview? Asking to have an idea for offer timeline.


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