Rate my chances for m7/t15, which programs are realistic for me

I work at a wealth management firm on the west coast. 4 years in the industry, salary is 80k plus bonus so about 100k. I enjoy my work and there is definitely room for growth. Lean team, boutique and niche set of clients. I am confident I can break 200k in the next 5 years but after that I don't know if there is much growth unless I start bringing in big clients myself.

I am happy with the lifestyle but I feel like I want to move on to bigger things. I want to get an MBA and break into asset management (a few similarities to my current career), banking, consulting, etc. It essentially breaks down to the fact that I want to make more money and maximize my career earning potential. I also want to work on bigger deals instead of advising wealthy clients on what to do with their retirement accounts.

Anyone in the industry that can comment. Is it worth the time off to get an MBA to work longer hours with the potential to make more in the future? Or just be happy I am making decent money and try to grow the business myself. Basically stick around in more of an entrepreneurial and laid back role at my current job or gun for high finance?
2.8 undrgrad gpa (I know), series 7, series 66, CFA and 750 on GMAT second try ... T15 out of reach?

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Oct 2, 2022 - 5:59pm
IllumiNation, what's your opinion? Comment below:

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