Retake GMAT 730 [low GPA]?

Hi everyone,

Hope your GMAT prep/ Bschool applications are all going well!

After several years out of school I decided to take the GMAT, first score 300+, then worked my way up to 730 (official test). I put a lot of work into this, and if it weren't for my weak GPA (2.7) I would be over the moon. I scored around 710-730 in my mocks, so this score is definitely the best I could have hoped for at this stage in my prep, but I am wondering whether (given my weak GPA) I should study a few more months to get the score up to 750 (not sure whether I can do it, but I might try?). [International student, GMAT breakdown: Q49, V41, IR7, AWA5]

I want to apply to the top Bschools, hence I need something to show that I'm academically good enough for their program. Showed my profile to a couple of people who all think that my (non-traditional) background and profile are strong, but major letdown is my GPA, hence thinking about what to do (hoping to apply R1). For what it's worth, I had to work full-time during my undergrad due to unfortunate circumstances, so it's not like I was partying/ couldn't be bothered to study (not meant as an excuse, just want to give some insight). If you think that retaking the GMAT would be a waste of time, are there any other courses you might recommend that might help me add points in the Adcom's eyes?

Thank you for your time in advance, wishing you all the best for your Bschool dreams!

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How low is your gpa and what do you want to do post b school

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If you're shooting for HSW and you're Asian / White, you should definitely retake. If you're shooting for the rest of the M7 and Asian, you should definitely retake. If you're white, you might be able to slide by with the 730 if you feel you can address the low GPA in the optional essays (which I'd suggest in all cases), but obviously would be better off with a higher score there too. If you're an URM then you should be fine for any of the M7, but would benefit from a higher score particularly for HSW.

Assuming you're applying Round 1 next year, you still have plenty of time to try again for the GMAT so I would suggest another month of studying for another retake.

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What do you think is ideal target for White / Asian male for H/S coming from finance? 750?

coccinelle, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Thank you for your insights, I will retake then

MichaelCorleone1, what's your opinion? Comment below:

I think 730/2.7 for your demographic can get into some top 20 schools (Cornell Johnson, Emory, UCLA, UT Mc, Tepper UNC KF), which will give you IB or consulting path. Strong essays and story and I'd say a shot at Darden Fuqua Stern Ross. I'd try to focus on applications in late rounds here and shot for a 10-15 school. Are you going for this year or next year admission?

coccinelle, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Reapplying this year, so I have a couple of months time to address this one way or the other, thank you for your thoughts!

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