Return on a U.K. MFin?

Senior at Ivy League w/ 3.9+ GPA and STEM degree. Did consulting over the summer for a reputable firm and didn't get a return. Was attempting to pivot into IB/PE for full-time, but haven't been successful given the market in the U.S. 

I have a GMAT score of 720 (which as I understand is on the lower-end), and I'm considering applying for MFin programs in the U.K. such as LSE and LBS - the primary motivation being the fact that it would give me another chance at recruiting in the worst-case that I don't find a job in the next few months, but also because I've always wanted to study internationally.

I'm primarily interested in U.S. placement, but also completely open working in APAC or the U.K. as well. Does anyone have any insight into whether or not these programs are worth the ~$50-60k or so for someone in my position? Thanks!


Based on the most helpful WSO content, pursuing an MFin in the UK, especially at prestigious institutions like LSE and LBS, can be a strategic move for someone with your profile. Here's a breakdown of how these programs could align with your goals:

  • Academic Prestige: Both LSE and LBS carry significant weight in the finance industry globally. Your strong academic background from an Ivy League institution, coupled with a STEM degree and a solid GMAT score of 720, positions you competitively for these programs. While you consider your GMAT on the lower end, it's important to remember that your overall profile, including your GPA and work experience, plays a crucial role in admissions.

  • Career Opportunities: These programs are known for their strong career services and alumni networks. Given your interest in pivoting into IB/PE, both LSE and LBS have a track record of placing graduates into these sectors. It's worth noting that while you're primarily interested in U.S. placement, both schools have a global reach, potentially opening doors for you in the U.K. and APAC regions as well.

  • International Experience: Since you've expressed a desire to study internationally, pursuing an MFin in the UK would not only fulfill this personal goal but also enhance your resume. International experience is highly valued in the finance industry and can set you apart from other candidates.

  • Return on Investment: The cost of these programs is indeed significant. However, considering your career aspirations and the potential salary uplift that can come with roles in IB/PE, the investment could be justified. It's also worth considering the long-term value of the network and brand prestige associated with LSE and LBS.

In conclusion, for someone in your position, an MFin from LSE or LBS could be a worthwhile investment, particularly if you leverage the opportunities these programs offer for career advancement in finance. It's recommended to reach out to current students or alumni and attend informational sessions to gain deeper insights into each program's specific strengths and how they align with your career goals.

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Wouldn't recommend such a move. With an Ivy degree and solid GMAT (720 is perfectly fine), you should be well positioned to get into top MBA's stateside after working for a few years, from which you can easily recruit into IB. By moving to the U.K., you'd be throwing $50k down the drain for a way lower salary compared to what you'd get in NYC, face an uncertain visa situation and compete against the entirety of Europe for a limited number of positions in London.


What do you mean by unlcear economic situation in Europe/UK?

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With your background i’d probably, instead of target a UK Msf, cold email as many boutique IB shops in the US as you can for internships/FT positions. With a 3.9 from an Ivy with good consulting experience it won’t be a hard sell. Work for 1-1.5y where you’ll probably make 80-85% street at these places and decide then if a UK Msf is worth it. That way you’ll be under the ‘max 2y work exp’ requirement UK Msf programs have and you’ll have saved the value of the program to pay for it. Also makes you far more likely to get a top SA/FT position in London after the program as you’ll be competing with undergrads and other msc who will likely have at best similar to worse experience. And it gives you a bit of time to see how significant the regression of Europe/UK economy will be in the next 18 months. Worst case scenario, you stay in the boutique and do an MBA after a couple years or you lateral a MM/BB etc after 1-2y, especially if the market picks up in 2025-26.

I see this as a way to make the $$$ part of your decision go away while lowering risk and maximizing the ‘value’ of the degree by entering it as a more employable candidate. You also might figure out you won’t need it to lateral to a good MM/BB position in the US. Good luck and godspeed


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