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Hi, I am currently a Sophomore at Cornell University. I have a 3y scholarship and plan on joining the Reserves. I was in Nanosciences, transferred as ECON major and am want to get into finance. I'm most likely getting a low-profile internship this summer, but am hoping to get a top firm internship my junior year. Can training camp wait? Can I bargain with the firms to move the internship? Will they adapt for me or just take somebody else? Thanks

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Hey, I went thru the same process a few years ago. Short answer: yes, it's very possible. I'd suggest reading up on USERRA. It is very important to understand that going in. You won't find a ton of people in finance who have gone this path, but that's not because you can't do it. 

I will PM you. 

rotcmonkey, what's your opinion? Comment below:

In the exact same position as op: sophomore at cornell in ROTC. Would love to chat with you as well for some advice on how to proceed, and whether its worth recruiting considering my current position.

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