Rotterdam Ecometrics and Economics or UCD Mathematics, Statistics and Economics or KU Leuven Business Engineering

I hope I will get into all three bachelors programmes since I got a 38 on my IB finals with 7 in Physics HL, 7 in English B HL and 6 in Mathematics AA HL. I hope to work in investment banking in London post bachelor or master and in venture capital down the line. I got into Rotterdam and KU Leuven, but I still cannot decide where is the best place for me to study.

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In my experience, Erasmus seems to have the best name in London business of these three. It is well recognized as a strong undergrad business program and is also the school for Dutch students who want to go to London, which means both that it's well known among the wider business population and also that there are lots of finance professionals at the highest levels in London with Erasmus on their resume (basically, all the Dutch people who do well in business - which is a good number).

KU Leuven doesn't seem to come up quite as frequently, but I would take that with a grain of salt: given that Erasmus is more business-centric, it's only natural that it's more likely to be mentioned. Just like EUR, KUL is recognized as a strong university and their business engineering program is a highly rigorous quantitative education (note, it also has a reputation of being difficult). Can you get in touch with any KUL students or recent alumni to talk about their recruiting experience? Thanks to the sheer number of non-business and non-academically successful students at KUL, I'm not really aware of how the experience would be as an academically-successful business student.

UCD does come up quite often in London but, in my opinion, will always implicitly raise the question of why they didn't go to Oxbridge. (I understand that tuition differences are a legitimate reason). On the other hand, when you study in your own region, you imply that you never applied to Oxbridge. With networking, you will make plenty of friends going to London at UCD, but you will do the same at EUR (and potentially at KUL, again, I'm not sure).


Thank you for your response! Today, I was accepted into a bachelor's program in mathematics at Lund University. I'm not sure if I should take it rather than Rotterdam?


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