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I had made a huge mistake on my college application and have chosen economics for all my university applications and schools at similar rankings (stupid choice as I got admitted to all, I basically applied to safety schools only ). Which of these schools will give me the best chance to transfer schools or major in order for me to enter finance? Because I am an international student, in-state tuition and scholarship are not really playing in much, so just assume full price.

The schools are

Indiana University at Bloomington- standard admission-51K

University of Toronto- main campus at university college(founding college) economics- 58k

SMU- economics- 73k

PSU- college park economics-55k

Baylor- economics  - don't even bother

any suggestions would be appreciated.


UofT then transfer to Ivey imo (didn't know UofT is that expensive though - you sure it's not CAD?)

I had IU Kelley kids at my BB, so that's another that you could consider, although I consider it non-target.

PSU also has some club (maybe student investment fund) that I hear is great, and almost everyone gets into IB, but it's obviously non-target.

Seen several SMU kids in Houston, so might be a good choice for energy banking (might be target there), but also talked to some in NYC (mainly diversity though).

Don't know about Baylor, unfortunately. 


Just noticed you are international. Idk how Ivey works, but they send so many students all around US, so if you think that you can make it there, it's probably the best choice. Going to a US school might be a safer option though if transfer doesn't work out


U of T is in USD, and transferring to Ivey won't give me a better shot at IBD in the US because I don't have a Canadian passport, so I would be doing jobs in Canada. 

I have a few questions about the US market though, will I be able to go to NYC after working in Houston, or will I be stuck there? If I am looking to transfer schools, how does that work? I know that public schools in Canada deflate your GPA, is that the case with the US too? Do the school in which you transfer out from influence your chance in transferring to better schools? If so, which of the above choice would be better?


That's what I am concerned about, I sadly had finance as a second choice on my application because I need the stem certification from economics. They did not offer me both majors. Do you know anything about transferring majors or double majoring in the school? 

Thank you for your time in advance 

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As an international student who has gone through the IB process and finance as a whole, your best bet is to go to IUB and then enter Kelley as a standard admit. The standard admit process is actually relatively easy, especially if you're an international student because a lot of the core classes that you do for standard admit are already somewhat taught in highschool in non-US curriculums. Only need to get a 3.5 GPA which if you can't do in your freshman year then maybe you will have to rethink going into finance/IB. After getting into Kelley as a Finance major, you'll have numerous opportunities to get into different finance jobs and in multiple different cities, with your best placement likely being in Chicago. I've seen a good amount of Kelley international students place in IB, ER and S&T. UofT would be a good choice but I think it might make it difficult for you to get a finance job in the US as you don't get the benefits thaf US international students receive like being able to do internships without any more visa requirements. SMU is good but will most likely pigeonhole you into Houston. As an international student, it'll be difficult to get a finance job in NYC, Chicago or West Coast, while IU will allow you to recruit for any of the cities as well houston (Houston and West Coast might be an issue because theres not a lot of Midwest school alums there but not impossible as I've seen a couple of students do it. Baylor too expensive and not that good placements, save your money on that. Feel free to PM me if you want to ask anything else. 


I don't know how to PM you if you answered anonymously, so I am sorry for asking further questions here. 

First of all, how do you PM without clicking on people's profiles? The WSO document on this is unclear.

secondly, I have questions about kelly, the GPA system, and the double majoring system there. Does kelly deflate your GPA like public schools such as U of T, how does the reputation of your school influence your chance of transfer? I did the IB so what you said about it being easy is true, but would that allow be to double major, as you know, we need the stem OPT


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