Undergrad: Western Ivey vs. Queen's Commerce for Toronto Non-IB Finance/Consulting?

Received both Queen's Commerce and Ivey AEO offers as a Canadian resident that would prefer to work in the Toronto area after graduation. 

Currently, I am interested in both finance and consulting, but don't see myself grinding it out in IB. Essentially, I want to earn decent money, but with some work-life balance.

While Ivey's network and placements are excellent, I feel that Queens' 4-year structure and mixed methodology (theory + cases) would allow me to retain more technical skills in contrast to Ivey's 2+2 case-based system, where the first two years are extremely general and admission to Ivey is not guaranteed (need minimum 80 avg). However, I've been told a lot of the key knowledge needed in finance jobs are learned through clubs, self-study, and work experience, which would mean that my concerns about Ivey are diminished. 

As for expenses, Queen's is slightly cheaper due to a scholarship, but for both I would have to go into a bit of debt to finance. 

I'm leaning towards Western because I know more people there, but should I consider choosing Queen's? 


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