University of St. Gallen or US college?

Hey guys,

I am a long time lurker and have had some questions but as my network irl is limited due to no family connections and me being a high school senior I thought I will just ask here, as this forum is full of people living the life I want to live one day.

Before I proceed with my questions I will tell a little bit about myself and my situation as my academic journey has been disrupted several times and is quite unorthodox.

 I recently turned 19 years old, I grew up in germany and had to drop out of eleventh grade because I had fallen sick and had to get treatment. Around that time I became interested in IB, after some quick research I figured out that not all universities are created equal and that the big banks prefer to work with a small set of universities. After beating the disease I immediately re-enrolled in high school to finish my Abitur (german high school diploma) but the disease came back forcing me to drop out after the first semester of the 11th grade, again. After battling the disease, getting treatment and finally being in a good mental and physical shape again the thought of going back to high school depressed me as I had fallen behind, around that time my family decided to leave germany for the US (Texas) and we began preparing for immigration via the work of my parents. Around that time with the help of a family member I enrolled in a reputable online high school and sent them my grade reports for credit evaluation. Now I am just 2 courses away from graduating high school in the US. I've worked hard and even managed to get my hands on some college credit. Mind you that I am not in the US right now as we are still in germany preparing everything for our departure. As far as I know HSG only accepts the american high school diploma in combination with specific AP exams or with an associates degree which I could finish in the next 4-6 months as I grinded pretty hard for the college credits ngl.Currently my cumulative high school GPA  is 3.7 close to 3.8 unweighted (my school does not weight grades). 

Now I am unsure whether or not I should finish my AS online to keep the option to go to school in europe as I am worried that due to my weird history US target schools won't accept me, my parents are not rich but we live comfortable and I am worried that college in the US would be way too expensive. I also have to say that my parents have made a high jump in income in the last 5 years thats why we can even consider the US and even HSG, before beating my disease I went to kind of a ghetto public school and due to the bad financial situation and the school system in germany my extracurriculars are kind of bad compared to what I have seen is norm in the US to even be considered at good school. I just want an honest opinion on what  the best next steps I could take would be given the aforementioned circumstances. I would be down to stay in europe for undergrad and do some internships and gather some experience in Frankfurt and Zürich but I would much rather work in Houston, Dallas or New York if possible.

Most Helpful

First off, congratulations on beating you disease.

My overall advice (without regard of the cost, and from a European POV) would be: if you want to work in the US, study in the US/if you want to work in Europe, study in Europe.

You are right to say that IBD recruit in a small pool of schools, however I think that you have greater chance to land your dream job in the US with a mid-tier US diploma than with a high-tier European diploma. Obviously it depends on the school you can have. Like getting to Oxford would do the job but at this point you would probably be able to get in a top US university. If you are flexible, maybe aiming for a top school in Europe, beginning your career in Europe (London) and then moving to the US when the right opportunity happens could be an alternative path.

BTW I didn't understand why you are specifically aiming for St Gallen in Europe. Might be good to do a little TLDR at the beginning of it

First of all thank you for your kind words and your response! Second I chose University of St. Gallen because I grew up in germany and therefore am fluent in german, as far as I have researched HSG alumnis are everywhere in Zürich and especially Frankfurt. I thought going to HSG would be the best I can do in my current situation. I think most of my questions stem from the fact that I have no Idea how exactly US admission to university works exactly because I have heard of people with a horrendous gpa and sat get into good colleges and then I heard of people with a 1600 SAT getting deferred from large state schools like UMich. Also my age is kind of a problem, I turned 19 recently and already feel way too old, especially compared to US students. I heard some people begin university at 17 in the US which is quite unusual in germany although it kind of becomes more common now.

I think I should focus on getting the highest GPA achievable right now and then study hard and focus on the SAT or ACT maybe that will bump up my chances, my concern are the lacking extracurriculars and my weird academic history.

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