Need Advice: University of Warwick or Erasmus University Rotterdam

I was accepted to Erasmus University Rotterdam (The university behind RSM) a long time ago and was planning on attending there (already figured out housing and all that), however, I just got accepted to the University of Warwick in the UK.

I am not sure which to choose, I understand that both universities are good, however, I can't decide which is better for me. If anybody could share any information that could help me make a choice, I'd really appreciate it. 

Program at EUR - Economics and Business

Program at Warwick - "Economics, Politics, and International Studies" (100% would go down the economics path, not the politics path. Would also try internal transfer to Economics at Warwick)

Thank you all in advance!


Hey, both are excellent universities, among the best in Europe for business & economics. Well depends, where do you see yourself living and working, if it is the UK then opt for Warwick but if it is Europe then go for EUR. Not sure where you are from but price of the program can vary enormously so that should be taken into account. Good luck :) 


Thank you so much for your reply. The difference in cost is definitely large and something I am taking into account. Personally, I do feel like living in the UK would be better than The Netherlands because I don't speak Dutch. Do you know anything about what the student life is like at either? I know Warwick is in a much smaller city than Rotterdam so I'd expect it to be less active but thats just an assumption.


Warwick is close to coventry which is boring as ....K. Rotterdam is not London or Paris but still isn't small. Also, you don't need dutch to live in the Netherlands but it helps to find a job afterwards (if you feel like staying). I would not compare lifestyles of living in both as they are very different. Depends on what type of student life you want to have :)

Most Helpful

Student in IBEB currently - first year. ESE Is a great option, personally chose it due to the cost being way lower than basically any other region in the world while the quality of education is that Ivy's offer across the pond - this is no exaggeration. I am an international too, I can reassure you that there is no need to worry about social life (because you wont have one) if you dont speak Dutch, best tip however is to approach people with the idgaf mindset, introduce yourself, get out your so called comfort zone bubble. The program consists of more than 50% internationals you wont struggle at all with meeting likeminded people. That being said if you do end up coming here, I cant urge you enough, dont fuck up your grades. If you have any questions about the program feel free to ask.


Hey! I'm going to study 1 year at HBO (THUAS) and then I'm planning to transfer to EUR. Do you know anyone who has done the same thing and did they find it challenging in some way?


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