What school of MFE program should I target?

Hi. I want to apply for master of financial engineering. Ideally I want to be a quant trader at prop shop/ hft. I do not really know what school I should target. I am planning to apply for MFE as fresh out of bachelor grad.

Here's my background : 

  • going to state school, well known but very average (like everyone knows my school, but very average).

  • Grad in 2024 spring semester (may), so I just started senior year. Female and minority ethnicity (if that matters to admission?)

  • bachelor in Applied math major with computational math concentration. Right now 2.7 gpa but I am trying to increase more. I know gpa is very low. It was hard due to my learning disability. 

  • I took some relevant courses for quant and MFE - like PDE, optimization, numerical analysis.

  • Originally from computer science major background. So I interned at 2 FAANG as software engineer intern, and will intern at major investment bank this summer at the trading team

-I will graduate with 5 internships and 2 research assistant experience 

  • I haven't taken GRE, but aiming 325+ score.

If I get 280-300, 300-315, 315-325, and 325 +GRE score, what school can I target to? It would be helpful if you could list some schools I could target to.

Thank you.

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