What school Should I attend if I want to do finance and live in asia (seoul,tokyo,shangahi,hong kong,singapore)

I'm currently a senior in high school and i want to major in finance but the catch is i want to work abroad right out of undergrad where should i go to make that happen. 

My first choice is Wharton Upenn but Where else should i apply  because Wharton is super competitive 

The usual suspects. Ivies and other targets (MIT, Stanford, UChicago, NYU Stern, UCB...)

EDIT: didn’t mean to reply to you, meant it as a reply to OP

Currently at MIT, from my experience, APAC offices are definitely prestige whores.  Some of my friends in SK and HK/China who aren't at top schools don't even get looks (and by top in SK i mean SKY + Kt).  These jobs are extremely popular because the pay is similar to US (avg pay in asia is lower in general for domestic companies).  Going to a top school in US definitely puts you at a significant advantage (being able to speak a 2nd asian language helps as well).  Schools to apply to in US are the usual suspects.

I wouldn't focus on just undergraduate business schools.  

Just focus on top schools overall.  Add top targets to your list.  

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