What school would you recommend for me? (investment banking)

Better than average student, nothing insane.
Senior in a private HS
Desire to break into IB

Some schools I’ve been looking at/applied to include
NYU Stern (send it)
Notre Dame
Baruch Macaulay

Guaranteed admission into Ohio State and UTennessee, although they are both eh.

Also thinking about BYU, I’m a Roman Catholic so idk how living in a mormon environment would be, I’ve never even met a mormon before. I’m intrigued because BYU is legitimately a target school at this point for IB.

Thanks for any advice.


Well, based on the most helpful WSO content, all the schools you've mentioned have their own strengths. NYU Stern is a fantastic choice, as it's one of the top target schools for investment banking. Fordham, Notre Dame, and Baruch Macaulay also have strong programs.

Ohio State and UTennessee may not be traditionally known as target schools, but don't discount them. They could provide a solid education and opportunities for networking.

BYU is indeed becoming a target school for investment banking. While it's a different environment, it could be a unique experience that sets you apart.

Remember, it's not just about the school but also about how you leverage the opportunities available to you. Networking, internships, and strong academic performance can make you stand out, no matter where you study.

Keep in mind, this is just a friendly monkey's perspective. You should also consider factors like financial feasibility, cultural fit, and personal preference. Good luck with your decision!

Sources: Comprehensive List of Target Schools for Investment Banking, Best Public School for breaking into finance

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No worries financially

Can overcome the debts

I would like to get into a school that’s a recruiting hub for BB/EB firms.

Environment doesn’t necessarily matter as much, I would prefer a more “social” school. Macaulay and NYU have no social scene, but it doesn’t matter that much to me.


I can speak on nyc schools. Stern is obviously the best and the social life is the city, so if you look older and have a fake it’s not that bad. Baruch Macaulay is free, but you have to put work in. They have a few clubs that place decently well. Fordham is a little better than Baruch, but in a different part of the city, so it really depends where you want to live.


as someone who goes to BYU I would say read the BYU honor code. That's usually what people have a big issue with. If you think that you genuinely have zero issues with any of the rules in there and enjoy living outside big cities/are super outdoorsy you'll probably be fine. Also I'd still consider us a semi target lol. I have a couple friends at targets who recruited and the opportunities/pipelines there are nuts compared to us.  



my Grandfather was QB for ND Football. I love NYC and NYU is in a great area of the city. 

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