What would it take for a target school graduate to break into the Management Consulting space with a completely unrelated background and no exposure?

I'll be graduating from a Masters program from a target school (i.e. LSE/Oxbridge etc.) in 2024. My educational background is in Political Science and Philosophy. I have a Tensorflow certification and can do quite a bit with its machine learning tools for data analysis and research purposes, but I have only ever used these tools in an academic setting. I have ~8 months of work experience doing basic data analysis.

What could someone like me do to secure a position as a Management Consultant? Is it possible, or even feasible to dream of securing a position before I graduate?

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qewrty, what's your opinion? Comment below:

I'm just exploring options right now, but those are things I will definitely do.

I was just wondering whether it was possible to even make this jump, considering I have very little actual business knowledge and certainly no relevant qualifications, at least relative to other people and candidates who carry the title "Management Consultant", or "Business Associate" etc.  

mech60, what's your opinion? Comment below:

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