Would studying in a language other than English limit me?

I am from Italy where I am studying for my bachelor's degree in business, my program is fully taught in English in a non-target university.

After graduating I want to get a master's degree in finance. I am considering applying to Bocconi's master's in finance which is offered both in English and Italian. Would enrolling in the Italian one close a lot of doors for a potential career abroad (I like London) or is the Bocconi name enough? I think there is a much higher chance to be accepted into the Italian program

As proof of my knowledge of the English language, I could show my bachelor's in English, a very high IELTS score and I also studied abroad for 6 months at a university in the U.S. so I would be able to work also in an English-speaking environment. 


It wouldn't close doors per se, as when you write the name of your programme on your CV it would be in English, so employers wouldn't know whether you studied in English or Italian. The Bocconi name will take you far, however unless you have a specific reason for applying to the Italian-taught programme, I'd go for the English-taught one.

I am currently in France and even when I do interviews for finance roles in French, the employers will still call a DCF a DCF (just with a French accent). Knowing the finance terms in English is definitely more helpful than learning them in your mother tongue.

If you go for the Italian MSc in Finance at Bocconi you will probably have to spend time outside class learning those terms in English. If you don't mind this then definitely go for the Italian programme.


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