Better to work for domestic or foreign bank in Canada in Sales?

Hey everyone, I have two S&T interviews for an Analyst position, and I may receive an offer from both since I'm already acquainted with the hiring managers. I am making a pros and cons list for the two banks, and it would be great if someone with experience, knowledge, or resources could help out!

One is with Scotiabank, and the other is with BNP Paribas. Both are sales roles and are very similar in nature. Obviously, BNP has a smaller team here and is disadvantaged when it comes to competing for CAD deals. Still, it's a much bigger bank overall and only deals with clients that bring in X amount of revenues and are worth going after. As for Scotiabank, I will most likely deal with smaller retail and maybe corporate clients if I'm lucky. It's only a slightly larger team since I'm not in Toronto, but I already know I will get along with everyone since I interned with them a couple of years ago. I feel like BNP may be more reputable and/or offer better benefits since it's a French/bigger bank?

I'm putting a lot of thought into this and every little detail helping me with my list would be very much appreciated. Thank you in advance!


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