Commodity Book List

Got a few messages about interesting commodity/trading books

So just making a list of books people may find interesting - not all great but I got something from each. Let me know if you have a good one that I forgot


How to Calculate Options Prices and Their Greeks: Exploring the Black Scholes Model from Delta to Vega - Pierino Ursone

Option Volatility - Sheldon Natenburg

Managing Energy Price Risk - (my copy was published by Enron risk ironically, there are newer versions)


Oil 101 - Morgan Downey


Natural Gas -Vaclav Smil

Energy and Civilisation- Vaclav Smil

The New Map - Daniel Yergin

The Prize - Daniel Yergin

40 Classic Oil Trades

Geopolitical Alpha

Superpower - Russel Gold

Volt Rush

The King of Oil


The Merchants of Grain - Dan Morgan

The New Merchants of Grain- Jonathan Kingsman

From Crop to Cup Coffee Conversations- Jonathan Kingsman

The Sugar Casino - Jonathan Kingsman

The Cargill Trio (Trading the Worlds Grain ,From Commodity to Customer, Going Global)


The Story of Metal Trading - Helmut Waszkis

Volt Rush

Cobalt Red

General Interest

The World for Sale

The Man Who Solved the Market

The Market Wizards series

Nassim Taleb books- he like to repeat himself though

When Genius Failed

The Sogo Shosha: Japan's Multinational Trading Companies

Noise - Daniel Kahneman


Thanks for making this, I always like seeing others' book lists to know if I missed something I should read. I'll add a few 

The Quest - Yergin (anything by Yergin is probably must read for anyone in the energy space, just some of it is dated)

Psychology of Money - Housel

Thinking Fast and Slow - Kahneman

The Signal and the Noise - Silver (I wouldn't be surprised to find out that this is a similar book to Noise by Kahneman, I just haven't read that yet)


I like Signal and the Noise too , forgot about that one. Noise by Kahneman is more about the noise and differences we experience in decisions and judgements - like how 20 judges will all give radically different sentences for the same crime, or doctors giving different diagnosis for the same symptoms etc (how 20 traders could look at the same data and arrive at very different conclusions about whats happening).

Nate silver focuses on the concept of uncertainty and forecasting if I remember right?


Interesting, will have to pick it up next time I'm at the bookstore.

It's been a long time since I read Silver's book so the details are fuzzy, and there is definitely alot about uncertainty and forecasting in the book since that is his general focus, but I remember it more being about finding the right data to use and specialization (hedgehogs and foxes?)


40 Classical Oil Trades is underrated (title isn't great). 


Agreed - anyone have additional recommendations for more trading practitioner style books for other commodities? List above is great but most of them are more focused on history and not really trading applications.


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