Double Major - Classics & Computer Science

So I'm really interested in going into the fields of quant analysis/quant trading. I'm right now attending Williams College as a sophomore. I plan on majoring in Classics (im sill deciding greek/latin, or both) and Computer Science. I have a true passion in the classics so I don't really want to let that major go. My question is, will the computer science major be good enough to break into the quant field, or will I need to replace that with something like math/stat or economics?


I think you're fine. Maybe you can do Economics and Classics? I'm doing Econ/MEIS for example, and I haven't had a hard time at all with recruiting even during this dry season.

(Just keep your GPA up....)


I simply preferred/liked what Williams offered (smaller class size, liberal arts education, more "personalized" feel) over what a university like MIT/Harvard/etc. would offer.


Hey guys, I've been reading a lot of other posts and I'm starting to wonder whether or not it would be better to do a Math&Stat/Comp Sci double major with lots of classics courses (especially latin :D) over doing a Classics/Comp Sci double major. Is this a better option, or should I stick with the original double major if my goal is to become a quant? Also, how would a Math&Stat/Classics double major turn out in contrast to the other?


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