Optiver SPX Floor Analyst vs Bulge Bracket (Citi, Barc, DB, UBS) S&T

Currently deciding between these two roles, leaning towards the S&T offer but wanted to hear everyone’s thoughts on it. Comp is more or less the same and Optiver is in Chicago while the S&T offer is NYC.

Here is the description for the Floor Analyst position:
• Communicate real-time trade information from CBOE’s SPX pit to Optiver’s in-house trading floor in Amsterdam
• Report on Optiver Floor Trader’s decisions and execution
• Analyze and assign importance to floor information queue to enhance Optiver’s trading decisions
• Act as facilitator and intermediary between in-house Trading team and exchange-based Floor Traders
• Coordinate information flow amongst Optiver’s Floor Traders
• Maintain and update S&P Trading team’s visualization and graphics enhancements
• Build skills and trading acumen as a Floor Trader trainee
• Track trading strategies and report on profit and loss (PnL) results

Would you guys take this role over a S&T analyst offer?


Well, it really depends on your personal interests and career goals. Both roles have their own unique advantages.

The Optiver SPX Floor Analyst role seems to offer a more specialized experience, with a focus on real-time trade information and coordination between trading teams. This could be a great opportunity if you're interested in a more niche area of finance and want to build specific skills in trading and strategy tracking.

On the other hand, a S&T role at a Bulge Bracket like Citi, Barc, DB, or UBS could offer a broader experience and potentially more mobility within the finance industry. These firms have a strong reputation and a wide network, which could be beneficial for future career opportunities.

Ultimately, you should consider which role aligns more with your long-term career goals, interests, and the kind of work environment you thrive in.

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