Proprietary Trading Later Hiring?

Started an entry level job out of college at a market making firm about half a year ago. Was wondering what the process for entry level lateral hiring might be for quants / quant traders / quant researchers.

Should I stay where I am for a year? Two years? before trying to make a switch, or is switching into similar firms at an entry level at all common? Would it make sense to apply for recent-grad positions again?

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I actually have the exact same question. I'm on a crypto desk at one of the crypto native institutions and we're a market maker that also can take on prop directional risk (no Volocker Rule for these types of firms) and I know a lot of prop firms are looking to hire specific crypto traders - DRW (cumberland), Akuna, Flow Traders, etc. How should I start the lateral process other than just applying and seeing where it goes I guess. It probably makes more sense for crypto since it's an in demand product/skill right now 

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Yup, it's super confusing after entry level to figure out how interview processes work, what to prepare for, and how lateral hiring works in general....would appreciate any answers to these matters

ironnchef, what's your opinion? Comment below:

why do you want to lateral?  Why not stay where you are?

propquantmonkey, what's your opinion? Comment below:

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