Trading options from college dorm

In uni I had a full course about the theory of options and futures trading, how they are used to hedge, how to exploit arbitrage, etc. 

But how do I apply this knowledge in real life to make money? Are those kind of arbitrage only doable for insitutional invesors? I feel like arbitrage would not be possible as algoritms are taking over the trading world.

I would like to make some money from my dorm room and this seems like a good option but I don't get how to apply it in practice. Was anyone of you successful? What resources do you suggest to learn more?

Most Helpful

Trading options/futures from your dorm room seems like a difficult and risky way to make money. It's safe to say everything you learned in a college class is already known by all major market participants and they have far more experience and sophisticated models as well. True arbitrages in options/futures are rare and very latency competitive so as a retail trader you will not be able to compete with high frequency trading firms for those trades. It's also unlikely as a college student that you will have exceptional understanding of the underlying companies.

On a more encouraging note for many trading roles there is likely going to be some educational value in trying to trade options either in a paper account or trading small size positions as you get some feel for market dynamics. That's it is very hard to extract money from the market is also an important lesson in trading and this may be a good way to learn it while also displaying interest in trading.


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