Would it rub my manager the wrong way to hint that I want to move to front office

Hi, currently in middle office at a BB on the rates desk. I've been trying to figure out how to hint to my boss that I want more exposure to the trading side since my end goal is to become a trader. I have a good relationship with the traders and I've been trying to get as much face time as possible. I've only been in this role for 3 months so I don't want to seem too eager to leave for the front office but also don't want to get complacent and get stuck in MO. Any advice on how to steer my self towards becoming a trader with the support of my manager?

Manager relationship is great. He thinks I'm doing very well in my current role and is happy with my progression. I don't think anyone has moved from MO to trading internally on my desk recently but a few years ago someone did move and he is now a managing director so I guess that's not a terrible sign but not great either

The other user's comment is perfectly accurate. Make sure you're a top performer and that your manager knows you are. Since when FO look to recruit someone, it is pivotal when they ask your manager about you, there's good feedback.

A good relationship means you can be honest, I think he will help you out. It sounds more like waiting for a spot to open for you to apply at this point. Keep putting your face infront of desks you are interested in, so they can easily think of you when a spot does open up.

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Moved from MO to FO early in my career. Sounds like you’re worried about offending your current team if they get the impression that you want to “upgrade” to FO, which is a smart thing to be thinking about. 

Realistically, your manager is well aware that junior employees prefer to work in FO. It’s something that all MO teams deal with and some are more forthcoming/accepting about it than others. In my experience it’s much more common for MO teams to be supportive about moving high performing juniors to FO teams after they’ve paid their dues. I wouldn’t be too worried about that. Be direct and upfront with your manager. Good messaging to have is basically “My first priority is to execute and succeed in my current role. However, in the long term I feel that [FO Team] would be a better fit for me. Is that something that you think I can work towards in this role?”

Goes without saying but make sure you’re a top performer on your current team. That’s key (basically a prerequisite) for successfully making an internal move from MO to FO

It would and will (in your situation) rub your manager off the wrong way if you’ve been in that role for less than a year and a half. However, their jobs as managers are to manage their direct reports, they’re not talent recruiters or HR so they shouldn’t have an issue with you moving around in the company. Often times, it’s expected that a young person would want to switch roles inside the company and often times managers are helpful with this because it encourages current employees to grow within the company versus leaving.

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