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AMA: Mid-career professional to top-bucket VP @ BB BO, thanks WSO!


I've debated writing a short or long post here. I initially chose the long option but it became *way* too long, no one would read it. So, I'll just give the short version: Yes, WSO has a lot of people that want to do the Analyst > Associate > MBA > Whatever dance. But I represent a mid-career profes...

Never, ever, ever, give up.


I know it's a jungle out there guys. It's tough for people just graduating to find jobs, but it's even tougher for those in the work force and those with a non-target educational background to break into Finance (let alone work in a competitive sector). This story is a testament to ALWAYS maint...

Non-target --> FT Off-Cycle IBD Analyst


So I have been around here for about a year and half now, and have to say thank you to the community. Really learned a lot and got my foot in door based on the advice on these forums. ### The Non-Target School Now for my story, I attended a large (20,000+ students) non-target school. We were in ...

If You Want to Learn How to Get a Job on the Street, Read my Story


Whatsup Monkeys, I thought it would be important for all college students to read my story and understand that ITS NOT IMPOSSIBLE to get a job on the street coming from a Non-target school. I'm sorry if this post is long, I just have first-hand experience going through recruiting and I know how str...

In need of career orientation advice, Please help!


Good evening community, Let me tell you the story behind the object of this forum topic. I graduated high school (Mathematics Major) during the start of the 2008 financial crisis, which undeniably had its impact concerning the academic path I chose to follow. After an undergrad in management in Mo...

I made it. So can you. Thanks WSO!


Posts like these are a dime a dozen, but I need to tell my story so that the next kid can take inspiration if they ever stumble onto this post. This is a long post, but I promise it's worth it. ###**Background** Was born and raised in Australia to immigrant, lower-class parents. We left when I was...

Football, Potential Felon, Non Target ---> S&T Offer


####ABOUT ME A decent amount of details will be omitted, went through too much to type.. just shoot questions… My mom was 21 when she had me and my father was a taxi driver In NYC. Growing up was a bit tough given the cards I was dealt. I honestly don’t remember a day where I didn’t see a co...

UK Non-Target to FT Analyst at Top Tier M&A Firm


Hi everyone, This website has been incredibly useful to me, and I owe a lot of career success to it. It’s given me a lot of excellent insight into IBD and has been a great source of motivation. Therefore, I’d like to give back by sharing my experience here. For some context I'm a foreign stude...

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Why do people celebrate mediocrity?


I was skimming along facebook and see this guy smiling as he was holding up his MBA degree he just got from a really shytty school. The school ranked 89 out of USNews business school rankings. And to throw more poo on it, it took him 5 years to get. So, apparently, it was a part-time MBA. Serio...

Non-target -> 3 Superday Rejections -> Dream FT AM Offer

Apples to Apples

Like many users, WSO has been a major resource for me. Not just in information but also hope during times when it wasn't so easy or I didn't think it was possible. I've really enjoyed reading success stories, and I thought I'd take my turn to share my success story and answer any questions anyone ha...

An ex-google data scientist studied successful-people-here’s what they have in common


He saids being born in a big city helps your chances of being successful. Really? Do you think that’s true? There’s got to be more important things than that, or at least don’t you think they’re a lot more factors that involve becoming successful, Here’s the link, if you want to check o...

From Homeless to Front Office


About a year and a half ago, I posted about getting 20+ interviews and no FT offer (20 Company Interviews Later...No FT Offer looking for Advice). I wish I could say that I quickly got a job after that, but that wasn't the case. I'm going to be very vague about certain details, because I'd like to r...

My journey from no-name boutique to PE MF


I have been a long time lurker and recent poster here, I have got so much from this community, I can say I would not have done it without you so I think it is time to give something back. I am sure you heard stories like mine but I hope this can be inspirational to some of you. My background: I com...

Learn from my college mistakes to become a successful investment banker


I'm writing this to give you guys some insight on the exact path you should take if you want to land a job at BB or top tier bank. I've made every mistake you could possibly make in a business career and in my late 20s I have nothing to show and am literally living in my car with $2,000 cash in my b...

Success Story: Pre med graduate with no finance experience to I Banking m&a offer from networking


Hi everyone, I wanted to give back to this community since it helped me so much in my current journey by telling my story/tips for anyone else trying to do the same thing/inspo for those non-traditional applicants out there. ###Background: I graduated from a top public school in California a year ...

Work Hard and Achieve Big Things: A Short Success Story


Hello fellow monkies, Today, I wanted to share a success story. Unfortunately, this success story is not my own, but instead, my college roommate. Hopefully soon, I will be sharing my own. ###The Background: My college roommate has a ~4.0 GPA. He spends every day, morning to night, in the library...

Never Give Up - A guide to success even if you're dumb


Longtime lurker. First post. ###About me: I'm originally from the South. Growing up, I hated school. I'm talking about failing multiple classes, dreading going to school, and even getting suspended many times. I was diagnosed with ADD at a young age, but never wanted to take my meds (till I star...

My Story: Extreme non-target to top BB


I can't believe I am finally writing this but it is time to really reflect on what has happened in the past month. Background: Parents divorced, grew up in poverty in the middle of nowhere, etc. Chose to go to my extreme non-target because it was a full-ride and had no clue about job prospects fr...

Venture Capital - Female Underdog from Canadian city


Background; non-target, average transcript, involved within student life, worked in retail banking as CSR for two years then finally landing an internship in Canada's largest pension fund and later landing my dream job as VC Analyst upon graduation and not to mention - female. Never in a million ye...



I did it!!! For those who are not in the know here is a quick recap. I was offered a FO BB in AM last month. It was then quickly rescinded for a genuinely stupid reason. Then last week I got a call asking me to come in to talk to a panel for one last shot to show my qualifications. Well I left the...

1st Big Boy Paycheck - Keep your heads up!


Dear fellow monkeys, I've been meaning to write this for a month or so now, but hadn't gotten around to it. The reason I felt I had to was because it could be of some use and/or inspiration to many of you out there still looking for a job, and just so you know, there is hope for everyone if I manag...

My Story of Breaking In (Summer BB IB)


Hey guys, this forum had been invaluable for me in securing a summer analyst position within IB at a BB (MS/GS/JPM) and I wanted to share my story. Background: Parent's didn't go to college (were missionaries) grew up fairly religious. We lost our home during the crises and about a year after m...

Keys to Success?


Hi, I'm a Korean high school senior going to the University of Wisconsin. I have big dreams such as being a Wallstreet banker or being a CEO of a renowned company. From those who have similar dream paths as mine or who have achieved any part that you feel proud of, please share key factors that dr...

Offer Accepted at UBS


Verbal offer accepted. Employment application has been sent. I marked no to the question asking "can we reach out to your current employer before post hire?" Talked to Hr and they said due to the holiday, you will find out the result of the employment application end of next week or early week after...

Bumps along the way, but finally moving in the right direction...


Primates! Today I'm going to tell you a little story. No, it's not the "walk me through your resume" story that must have precisely 3-4 jumps, with a positive and negative at each juncture that logically progresses to a career in IB. This is the story of how I was finally able to break into IB in...

How I landed my PE position in China, non-target, low gpa, no exp


This is written as a post of encouragement rather than specifically targeting IB or PE industry/forum. First, to start off, I've showed a pretty poor judgment in the past. Notably you can read this thread: // My resume: http://www.razume...

Where Would You Be Without WSO?


I've had this thought pondering in my head for quite some time. If it was never for my finance professor making our class do research on investment banking, I would have never stumbled upon WSO my sophomore year. I probably would not be anywhere near where I am today. I've had a lot of help from the...

Non-Target to Bain/BCG Intern


Hey WSO, Since this site has been instrumental in helping me break into Consulting from a non-target, I wanted to share my experience with the community. Hopefully this post will be helpful to someone else looking to break in to Consulting, as many previous posts have been for me. To provide some ...

From Marketing Intern to Front Office Role


Hi all, To start this story, I started my senior year of school with no real experience, and was attending a non target school in NYC with a average GPA. I didn't know what I wanted to do after graduating, all I knew is that I wanted to do something in business. At the start of my senior year, I...

A Story of Breaking out of BO/MO Hell


Thank you to everyone on WSO for giving me the tools and courage to pursue this huge career change. After 6 months of slowly decaying in a middle office role, I was finally able to land a FO Coverage role at a BB (think Deutsche/BMO/UBS). Here is my story: My Background: I came from an extreme no...

No BB FT Offer to Buyside Research Associate


Hi everyone. I just wanted to thank you all for the help I've received by looking on this board for the past few years. I originally thought I was set for a career in S&T, but when I received no FT offer after this summer I was really discouraged and thought the situation was hopeless. Nevertheles...

Off The Beaten Path: Commercial Banking to Private Equity (The Non-Traditional Route)


Hey everyone. The ink has just barely dried on my accepted offer to join a boutique private equity firm as an analyst, but I think now is a better time than any to tell you how I made the jump to private equity from a VERY non-target background. My Bio: A little bit about me: I graduated from a Can...

From Non-Target to Threesome


Friday night. I'm at the club, grinding on two fine NYU specimens, one is my date and the other told us her name was Chloé. I peer over my shoulder and cringe at the desperate frat boys, raising vodka for the sober women, oblivious to the fact that chicken-legs and chubbies don’t go hand-in-han...

How to Pass the Series 7 Exam


If you are reading this post, you are most likely preparing to sit for the Series 7 exam. First and foremost, I made this post because I wish it existed when I was studying for the exam. For me, the stakes were very high - pass the Series 7 exam on the first attempt or lose my new wall street job ...

How I got into Banking


Mod Note (Andy): #TBT Throwback Thursday - this was originally posted in 2006. To see all of our top content from the past, click here. So I'm new here and spent a good deal of time reading all of the posts from the past few weeks. I thought I would share my story. So I am at a Business school in...

Thank You (BB SA Offer)


As a **long-time** lurker (4+ years) and an avid reader of the forum, I just wanted to say thank you to everyone on the forum for the advice, experiences, and tips shared throughout the site; it has truly been invaluable to landing an offer for Summer 2019. Although I have never posted on the forum...

The WSO Scholarship Has Been Awarded!


Earlier this week we selected the first ever recipient of the WSO Scholarship. The winner is Regan McCall of Princeton University. She was chosen based on the quality of both her essay and the video she submitted. THANK YOU to all that applied; we will make announcement when we open up application...

A Story of Persistence: If I Can Make It, You Can Too


Background: Rewind back to October 2011. I was a Senior at a fairly prestigious state school, but it was a non-target university. I was graduating with a major in History, and I believed I wanted to go to Law School eventually. My father and mother both went to Law School and it seemed inevitable t...

Chip On Your Shoulder


Grew up on the wrong side of town. Didn’t go to a prestigious institution. Didn’t get an offer from your ideal firm or industry. Lehman 2008 SA Class. Whatever it is, there are life experiences that give people chips on their shoulders. Yesterday I was having a conversation with a good friend ...

How I turned tragedy into triumph

The Real Slim Shady

Hello my fellow Monkeys, Although I've been stalking this forum for a year and a half, I didn't have the courage to officially join until recently. I'm currently in my second internship with JPM and have some down time after working on a lengthy project. I thought that I would share my story with s...

Got into a target because of you guys! 2.6 GPA in high school!


*I'm sure so many of you are tired of seeing my name around here - but god damn this community is truly amazing.* 1. I graduated from a shitty high-school (Ranked 2/10 on Zillow). 2. I had a 2.6 GPA 3. I smoked weed (perfectly fine, but is just not for me) and was distracted, didn't care about m...

From <2 GPA, to Bulge Bracket and Hedge Fund


Yesterday I received an offer from an equity long/short fund in HK and achieving my goal that I have been pursuing over the past 5 years. As a long-time WSO user, I have read numerous stories which have motivated me all the way. So I think it's time for me to share my story... Background: building ...

Graduating Today


Graduating today Summa Cum Laude with a 3.85 cum GPA from possibly one of the most overvalued non-targets in the country. OCR & my overpriced non-target university: Tuition runs about 40K a year, and this year there was no finance career fair. Last year Fidelity was the only decent firm at the fina...

My Story (A Thank You Card to Patrick and the Team)


I recently received a message replying to a comment I made how I was able to break into IB as an intern and would like to provide a nice update to where I am in my career. Original Story from April 2012: When I started the fall semester 2011, I was coming off a BB MO role and about to start a...

From No-Name College to Buy-Side Out of Undergrad


Hello all, Long time lurker and first time poster. I just wanted to share how much WSO has helped me. 4 Years ago I was a no-name at a no-name university and had nearly failed out of High-school. I decided one day to sit down and change my life (after receiving a LOUD wake-up call). So, I did wh...

Non-Target, 3.0 < GPA, non-finance major, to ER


Background: I went to a non-target, had a 2.7 GPA, and didn't study finance in college. Ended up landing a job in ER. I apologize in advance that I have failed to contribute as much as I should to these forums. WSO was one of the main tools I used and find myself looking at boards plenty often. ...

Are girls who are on birth control more or less attractive to you, holding all else equal?


She's back at your place, and things start getting fiesty. Before you know it, both of you are bare(ly wearing anything). You reach for a rubber in your condom drawer, but she pulls your hand away. "No it's ok babe, I'm on the pill." In my mind, her desirability drops slightly. It makes me thin...

Unbelievable! Detailed WSO Success Story: How I Broke into Equity Research


Mod note (Andy): this was originally posted on 8/15/12 Hello fellow monkeys, I wanted to take some time to write this because I definitely owe it to this community. Last week, I was given a verbal offer to work in Equity Research full-time, at a well-known bank, covering a sector that I love, and...

How I went from 10 rejections to one dream internship this year.


Finance Interviews: Goldman Sachs 1st round. No. Altamont Capital 1st round. No. Bracebridge Capital 1st round. No Bridgewater Associates 1st round. No. Consulting Interviews: Cornerstone Research 1st round No. Analysis Group 1st round. No. Simon-Kucher 1st round. No. Final Round Interviews: C...

From 100 Plus Rejections, To Accepting A Great Offer

Wu_Tang Financial

Good morning, I am posting my success story for a few reasons. First, to (hopefully) inspire someone in a situation that I was in. And second, to thank members of high finance and this website specifically. I will try to keep this as brief as possible. Background Why High Finance I had aspirati...

Questioning the popularity of IB/PE/HF/Conuslting/law etc

Anonymous Monkey

Is a career on wall street truly the best way to become successful as opposed to building your business?(real question, not trolling). For example in Peter Lynch's quora answer he writes " I like to joke with people in my industry that we kid ourselves into believing we’re on the best path to su...

30 year-old breaking in

Jack M.T.

I am still not sure if this will add any value or if anyone will find this useful, but I've seen a couple of "Too old to break into IB?" topics lately and I thought I'd share my journey with you. The advice and stories I've read on this forum have helped me maintain my sanity after more rejections t...

The Road Less Traveled

Rags to Hermes

I was reflecting on my path the other day, and I decided that it is time to share my story with WSO. I am going to warn you in advance, it is going to be long. Rewind to senior year in high school, I was a good student at a school of 400 kids in a rural part of fly-over country. At the same time, I...

What song(s) went through your head as you received notice of your offer?

Carl Van Loon

Hi all. Simple and sweet. New York New York? Mozart's Laudate Dominum? What songs went through your head as you received the good news? I remember Frank Sinatra's "Bewitched" came to my mind as I hung up the phone and smiled. Let's hear yours.. Torero...

How I landed my dream job in M&A - Never give up on your dreams

Jordan Benchford

Foreword Apologies for the long text but I wanted to share my journey since so many stories here on WSO moved me deeply, especially the one about a guy getting 10 rejections and finally one IBD offer – truly amazing. I have been a long time lurker and recently created my own account to join this a...

From College Drop Out to Corporate Banking


Timeline: In 2005 my mother passed away unexpectedly. In 2008 my family’s house was foreclosed on and I was told I would need to support myself through college. I was 17 at the time and already unstable due to the emotional trauma of my mother’s death. In 2009 I was officially kicked out of ...



Hey all (apologize for long post but its been a long journey)- I've been waiting over a year and a half now to post this, and glad I can now. This thread is here to share my journey w/others, free to answer questions if you have and just showing those junior monkeys that dont get BB or MM offers fo...

Some more truth about BB Ops and how I got out


The Truth About The Back Office Hey guys, so I know there are a few posts about the back office (i.e Operations) on this site but I just thought I'd add my 2 cents as I recently left for another job after spending 1 year in BB Ops. 1. Pay: I don't know about other banks or regions but in mine, th...

REPE Firms

Up n coming

Hey guys, Im very interested in the real estate private equity industry, but not sure where I can go to find a list of reputable firms. I am aware of the PERE Top 50 list, but I know there are more solid firms out there. How would I go about finding elite boutiques and even larger investment manage...

What I learned


Partner at a multi-billion fund here. My 2 cents. - People skills > Technical skills - Smart assholes > smart nice guy wise and banging hot chicks wise - Smart assholes < smart nice guy happiness wise and great life partner-wise - Extrovert > Introvert (I'm introvert, but...

Take it from a Baller

Pitbull Class

That's a pretty good promo video. Better than average. What are the thoughts and suggestions of community on this ? ...

Part 2- Finally Got It - Top MM Offer- Thank You WSO


So my previous post (// had people commenting on it asking how i went about networking/using linkedin. Here is my advice on basically reaching out to someone cold on linkedin/just how to game the networking system. My method...

Networking Over WSO? Any Success Stories?


Good afternoon monkeys, There has been a question that has always lingered at the back of my mind while I have been a member on here. For all the talk there is about networking, has anyone successfully networked over WSO? And has that led to legitimate internship/full time opps? Either in IB/PE/HF...

AMA From a Semi-Target Lower GPA to a Hedge Fund and Bulge Bracket


My story to get to where I did is a very strange one. I went to a semi target school, had an OK GPA, didn't join any finance clubs, and had zero connections into the business. At this point I was pretty much shunned and didn't get any interviews at a bank, even regionals. I personally didn't think I...

The Beauty of A Small Shop - First Full-Time Offer


Hey guys, so I haven't made it 'per-se' but I have secured my first job offer and wanted to walk you through 'the process'. I am a December 2017 graduate. Coming into this, my last, summer my experience was quite lacking in energy or any commodity space. I didn't really have a network in the spac...

Thank you WSO!!


Hey all, I'm a long-time reader first-time contributor to WSO. I am posting this to say thankyou to everyone on this board for the insight you all gave me into a career in IB and how to succeed. Whilst I have decided not to pursue IB I have learned lessons on this board that I feel I would have take...

VC, A people's business : The Importance of Network Building and not Networking


It's 5:16 AM here at LGA airport as I await my 7 o'clock flight to China. I have not slept in over 48 hours. Pulled an all nighter partying for my birthday in Boston last night, dragged myself to N.Y in the early morning for meetings, and now have been preparing last minute notations for my trip t...

Fake Frank Quattrone (IB PE) AMA

My Name is Jeff

TL;DR: Shoot out any questions you may have regarding any topics over here - the job, MF PE interviews, consulting interviews, ibd interviews, unstructured recruiting, start-up dramas, networking, nerd culture, anything. I've got a couple of weeks off, and usually hang around the forums frequently, ...

Got a job, lost some friends

Emily C

**July 19, 2017 (Wednesday)** After several months of trying to find employment and getting rejected by hundreds of firms, I broke into tears of joy after receiving an offer letter to intern at a private equity firm. I immediately called my parents who were at work, and they were extremely thrilled ...

In person 'cold networking' happened to me today


3 college kids were walking around Manhattan and pretended to need directions somewhere today. I told them where to go, then one guy says, "Are you in finance?" (he didn't recognize me). He asked me a couple of awkward questions and I quickly gave a 'Happy Holidays' as I walked away. Has this actu...

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Thanks to WSO for giving me the edge for this summer


I started reading WSO last year and it changed my life perspective. Having a brother who works at a top IB boutique and is the highest rated analyst doesn't make a career choice easy especially since I followed his footsteps since middle school. Going to a small liberal arts college in Midwest did ...

Finally cut it


Guys, So I finally cut it 3 years after graduating from undergrad, and I would like to share my story to you guys as this forum has been staying with me along the way and indeed the break-in cases here keep on pumping gas into me whenever I got rejected. A bit about my background: I was an internat...

Can a Non Target land a IB SA? With hard work and persistence it definitely is


Mod Note: Each day we'll be posting the top WSO forum posts of 2014. This one was originally posted on 2/20/14 and ranks #21 for the year by total silver banana count. You can see all our top ranked content here. I just received an IB SA offer this morning from the number 1 firm on my list and I ...

Skip I-Banking, Go Straight to Hedge Funds?

CNBC Taught me everything i know

There's this small Hedge Fund I have a phone call at, and I'm not really sure what to do about it. It's about "career path information" but I'm curious as to whether or not I can work my way into a junior year summer internship. I guess my questions are 1) Is it common/possible? 2) Would it be bet...

Are there any MILLIONAIREs here in this forum?


How long it took you? How much you make in a year? Do you spend a lot of it? Or you're saving it for a start-up of your own? Please don't troll (serious)....

Hard Work Does Pay Off


I joined WSO a little less than two days ago. I want to post my in depth detailed story of how I made it to the BB I am at now. Hopefully this will help inspire a few people or at least show them that you can in fact make it to a great firm coming from basically nothing. I grew up in a decent hou...

Congrats to "My Name is Goldstein"


Facetious, obviously. Hate to be a call out guy but can someone explain this kid to me? Legit worst person on WSO, in my opinion. Can't tell if he's trolling but if not, good god. What a joke....

Made it to a Bulge Bracket Bank


Great news. I finally landed a spot in DCM for the leveraged finance team of a very prestigious BB on the street. I literally started from the bottom, working my way up, and have been working at a mid-size to small boutique firm for the past year and a half. My old firm was super short on staff, ...

Guys, We Finally Made It


Not sure if anyone posted this yet but I noticed this article today on the front page of Yahoo Finance and I started laughing my ass off once I realized they were quoting a bunch of WSO'ers... here's the article, congrats to everyone who pitched in and trolled the whole world now. Here's the link: ...

How likely my firm will find out I'm networking for a different position?


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For Those of You Unable to Secure Investment Banking Internships - Keep Your Head Up


I know summer recruiting is winding down and a few of you are probably freaking out. There was another thread a few weeks ago called On Losing & Failure that I would recommend reading if you haven't already. Like you, I was in precisely the same situation last year, and through persistence, network...

Big 10 school > Corporate Finance (Fortune 200) > Big 4 Consulting > Hedge Fund (In process)


Want to provide advice on networking, applying to jobs strategically, and whatever it is someone in a similar boat might want to ask me. Also, want to get advice from experienced finance folks - how to break into HF from the Consulting world? I am definitely not planning on going to B-School at th...

Stay positive


Hello folks, I would like to share my story a little bit for those who felt beaten up by the recruiting season. I was born and raised in a very underdeveloped city in China. I remembered the ranking, the GDP of my province is the second or third lowest in China. Although I went to relatively good e...

Thanks WSO - Valuable resource


Just wanted to post a thanks to WSO and everyone that contributes and helps make this site such a valuable resource. I recently landed an analyst position at a small boutique in their FIG group (keeping location out for anonymity) after 6 months of unemployment/internships post-graduation. I went t...

Quit the Rat Race and Attempting a Comeback, Here's my Advice


Hi fellow monkeys… I’m a brand new poster but have been reading through these boards for a couple of months to pass the time. The preponderance of posts on here regarding happiness and the work life balance have compelled me to add my own .02 cents on these issues, mostly because I think that ...

The Unconventional path to IB/PE (AMA)


While taking the time to clean and organize my desk after a hectic 4-6 weeks engaged in a deal, I came across my old WSO IB interview materials I used in the past. Seeing these old packets of paper made me realize how grateful I should be instead of being annoyed about how I put in hours of work on ...

365 Days of Success Stories


I spend some of my free time on WSO browsing the different forums and reading other people's success stories. I am always motivated to do something better with myself, but I know it's not always so easy. Success is sometimes in 1 day or more than 365 days. Usually the latter. So I decided to docu...

10 Things That Require Zero Talent


I don't know how I ended up at a Notre Dame lacrosse alumni pregame but low and behold there I was Saturday night wondering if I was the only person in the entire apartment who was jewish / could hit a curveball. The walls were decorated so that everyone there knew that these kids for sure definitel...

Finally a Gas Trader


You can see my AMA post (currently ongoing) here. I graduated in May of 2012, from a non-target school with a below average GPA in a major that's quantitative but enough for a direct opportunity. I graduated with little to no networking, no jobs lined up, etc., but quickly got on to a PE firm bein...

Please correct my Sentance


is this right sentence "My answer might sound Discourage", if not please correct me if any thing wrong ...

Non-Target to S&T SA at desk and bank that I wanted. THANK YOU


Long time lurker, first time posting. Just want to make myself known and thank everyone on here for endless knowledge and some cynical laughs over my last few years reading this forum. I have made the first crack in the egg and will be working on a sales desk for the summer. Here's a quick summary...

Semi-Target with No Networking, No Extracurriculars, Terrible Grades to Top IB in Country



First day at work, already dislike it? Any advice?


Would appreciate any advice on my situation? I could really use some help.............................

I did it ma! Hired at a Physical Commodity Merchant. Hyped.


2 years ago I read *The King of Oil*, as suggested by a WSO thread. From that day on, I told myself **“I’m gonna f*cking do that.”** Fast forward to now. I’m a college senior and in June I start my career as a Trainee in the Oil Division of a Physical Commodity Merchant. It's like playing fo...

Don't. Stop. Hustlin'.


Don't give up out there, kids. I'm a high school drop out who's now a Manager at a top 10 consulting firm. For all of those out there who are asking 'do I have a chance if...', here's your answer: you f*cking bet you do. The only thing stopping you from getting that prime job is a little gumption,...

Confessions of a Former Pre-Med


To all pre-med students thinking about going into finance: During one of my undergraduate summers, I volunteered my time doing night shifts in the emergency department at a large hospital. My slightly deranged principal investigator wanted me to record the heart rate and urine output of level I tra...

Use Thanksgiving to Set 2017 Goals

Eddie Braverman

For about the past 25 years, Thanksgiving weekend has been the four most important days of my year. Not only do I love everything about Thanksgiving (the food, the family and friends, the pervasive feeling of gratitude regardless of circumstances), but for me it’s the most natural time to take sto...



Ask me anything I got my offer a couple weeks ago, and figured I'd give back a little to the community that made it possible. This is particularly geared at people interested in elite boutiques - think on par with Lazard, Blackstone M&A/RX, Qatalyst. Recruiting with these firms is particularly h...

Non-target in APAC


This goes out to all non-targets in APAC. I’m a non-target student in South-east Asia (Singapore/Hong Kong) It’s hard breaking into investment banking but more so in APAC. The first thing bankers will look at is which school you’re from and if it’s not Ivy League, LSE, Oxbridge, or any reput...