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Hike Success Story - Real Time Growthknow the success story of hike messenger with the wonderfull success behind it. Just read [Hike Success Story]= Cafefeedz and get inspired ...
06 days 4 hours ago
Thanks WSO - Valuable resource Just wanted to post a thanks to WSO and everyone that contributes and helps make this site such a valuable resource. I recently landed an analyst position at a small boutique in their FIG group (keeping location out for anonymity) after 6 months of unemployment/internships post-graduation. I went t...
71 week 1 day ago
Quit the Rat Race and Attempting a Comeback, Here's my AdviceHi fellow monkeys... I'm a brand new poster but have been reading through these boards for a couple of months to pass the time. The preponderance of posts on here regarding happiness and the work life balance have compelled me to add my own .02 cents on these issues, mostly because I think that I h...
511 week 5 days ago
How finance saved and gave me a lifeMod note (Andy): ThrowbackThursday, this was originally posted on 5/18/12 A week or two ago there was an article written about how your weight might inversely effect you during the hiring process. During the conversation I dropped some personal information about me losing 130 (now 135 pounds). I was...
571 week 6 days ago
No BB FT Offer to Buyside Research AssociateHi everyone- My Dream Job: I just wanted to thank you all for the help I've received by looking on this board for the past few years. I originally thought I was set for a career in S&T, but when I received no FT offer after this summer I was really discouraged and thought the situation was hopel...
52 weeks 4 days ago
The Unconventional path to IB/PE (AMA)While taking the time to clean and organize my desk after a hectic 4-6 weeks engaged in a deal, I came across my old WSO IB interview materials I used in the past. Seeing these old packets of paper made me realize how grateful I should be instead of being annoyed about how I put in hours of work on ...
203 weeks 1 day ago
365 Days of Success StoriesI spend some of my free time on WSO browsing the different forums and reading other people's success stories. I am always motivated to do something better with myself, but I know it's not always so easy. Success is sometimes in 1 day or more than 365 days. Usually the latter. So I decided to documen...
73 weeks 4 days ago
UK Non-Target to FT Analyst at Top Tier M&A FirmHi everyone, This website has been incredibly useful to me, and I owe a lot of career success to it. It's given me a lot of excellent insight into IBD and has been a great source of motivation. Therefore, I'd like to give back by sharing my experience here. For some context I'm a foreign student at ...
33 weeks 5 days ago
10 Things That Require Zero TalentI don't know how I ended up at a Notre Dame lacrosse alumni pregame but low and behold there I was Saturday night wondering if I was the only person in the entire apartment who was jewish / could hit a curveball. The walls were decorated so that everyone there knew that these kids for sure definitel...
03 weeks 6 days ago
The Road Less TraveledI was reflecting on my path the other day, and I decided that it is time to share my story with WSO. I am going to warn you in advance, it is going to be long. Rewind to senior year in high school, I was a good student at a school of 400 kids in a rural part of fly-over country. At the same time, I ...
Rags to Hermes
173 weeks 6 days ago
Finally a Gas TraderYou can see my AMA post (currently ongoing) here. I graduated in May of 2012, from a non-target school with a below average GPA in a major that's quantitative but enough for a direct opportunity. I graduated with little to no networking, no jobs lined up, etc., but quickly got on to a PE firm being ...
91 month 6 days ago
How I went from 10 rejections to one dream internship this year.The background story is here: I'm so pathetic--I can't get past 1st round Interviews Finance: Goldman Sachs 1st round. No. Altamont Capital 1st round. No. Bracebridge Capital 1st round. NoBridgewater Associates 1st round. No. Consulting: Cornerstone Research 1st round No. Analysis Group 1st round. ...
211 month 1 week ago
Never, ever, ever, give up. I know it's a jungle out there guys. It's tough for people just graduating to find jobs, but it's even tougher for those in the work force and those with a non-target educational background to break into Finance (let alone work in a competitive sector). This story is a testament to ALWAYS maint...
871 month 1 week ago
My journey from no-name boutique to PE MFI have been a long time lurker and recent poster here, I have got so much from this community, I can say I would not have done it without you so I think it is time to give something back. I am sure you heard stories like mine but I hope this can be inspirational to some of you. My background: I come...
321 month 2 weeks ago
From Homeless to Front OfficeAbout a year and a half ago, I posted about getting 20+ interviews and no FT offer (20 Company Interviews Later...No FT Offer looking for Advice). I wish I could say that I quickly got a job after that, but that wasn't the case. I'm going to be very vague about certain details, because I'd like to r...
1461 month 3 weeks ago
Off The Beaten Path: Commercial Banking to Private Equity (The Non-Traditional Route)Hey everyone. The ink has just barely dried on my accepted offer to join a boutique private equity firm as an analyst, but I think now is a better time than any to tell you how I made the jump to private equity from a VERY non-target background. My Bio: A little bit about me: I graduated from a Cana...
332 months 2 days ago
Some more truth about BB Ops and how I got outThe Truth About The Back Office Hey guys, so I know there are a few posts about the back office (i.e Operations) on this site but I just thought I'd add my 2 cents as I recently left for another job after spending 1 year in BB Ops. 1. Pay: I don't know about other banks or regions but in mine, the ...
682 months 3 days ago
Please correct my Sentanceis this right sentence "My answer might sound Discourage", if not please correct me if any thing wrong ...
22 months 4 days ago
Non-Target to S&T SA at desk and bank that I wanted. THANK YOULong time lurker, first time posting. Just want to make myself known and thank everyone on here for endless knowledge and some cynical laughs over my last few years reading this forum. I have made the first crack in the egg and will be working on a sales desk for the summer. Here's a quick summary o...
02 months 4 days ago
Non-Target to Bain/BCG InternHey WSO, Since this site has been instrumental in helping me break into Consulting from a non-target, I wanted to share my experience with the community. Hopefully this post will be helpful to someone else looking to break in to Consulting, as many previous posts have been for me. To provide some co...
302 months 4 days ago
Semi-Target with No Networking, No Extracurriculars, Terrible Grades to Top IB in CountryDelete................................................................................................................. ...
12 months 1 week ago
Stay positiveHello folks, I would like to share my story a little bit for those who felt beaten up by the recruiting season. I was born and raised in a very underdeveloped city in China. I remembered the ranking, the GDP of my province is the second or third lowest in China. Although I went to relatively good el...
482 months 1 week ago
First day at work, already dislike it? Any advice?Would appreciate any advice on my situation? I could really use some help.......................... ...
22 months 1 week ago
I did it ma! Hired at a Physical Commodity Merchant. Hyped. 2 years ago I read The King of Oil, as suggested by a WSO thread. From that day on, I told myself "I'm gonna f*cking do that." Fast forward to now. I'm a college senior and in June I start my career as a Trainee in the Oil Division of a Physical Commodity Merchant. It's like playing for the Yankees....
02 months 1 week ago
A Story of Breaking out of BO/MO HellThank you to everyone on WSO for giving me the tools and courage to pursue this huge career change. After 6 months of slowly decaying in a middle office role, I was finally able to land a FO Coverage role at a BB (think Deutsche/BMO/UBS). Here is my story: My Background: I came from an extreme non-...
172 months 1 week ago
30 year-old breaking inI am still not sure if this will add any value or if anyone will find this useful, but I've seen a couple of "Too old to break into IB?" topics lately and I thought I'd share my journey with you. The advice and stories I've read on this forum have helped me maintain my sanity after more rejections t...
342 months 1 week ago
Don't. Stop. Hustlin'. Don't give up out there, kids. I'm a high school drop out who's now a Manager at a top 10 consulting firm. For all of those out there who are asking 'do I have a chance if...', here's your answer: you f*cking bet you do. The only thing stopping you from getting that prime job is a little gumption, ...
512 months 1 week ago
Confessions of a Former Pre-Med To all pre-med students thinking about going into finance: During one of my undergraduate summers, I volunteered my time doing night shifts in the emergency department at a large hospital. My slightly deranged principal investigator wanted me to record the heart rate and urine output of level I trau...
12 months 2 weeks ago
How I got into BankingMod Note (Andy): #TBT Throwback Thursday - this was originally posted in 2006. To see all of our top content from the past, click here. So I'm new here and spent a good deal of time reading all of the posts from the past few weeks. I thought I would share my story. So I am at a Business school in N...
1102 months 3 weeks ago
Use Thanksgiving to Set 2017 GoalsFor about the past 25 years, Thanksgiving weekend has been the four most important days of my year. Not only do I love everything about Thanksgiving (the food, the family and friends, the pervasive feeling of gratitude regardless of circumstances), but for me it's the most natural time to take stock...
Eddie Braverman
273 months 2 weeks ago
Never Give Up!!!I have had an account on this site for the past few months but I did not start posting until recently. I would like to give some background information on myself and I hope I can inspire others. I graduated high school in 2011 slightly above average for my class (of about 212 people). I then went to...
Short Bonds
34 months 3 weeks ago
EBAsk me anything I got my offer a couple weeks ago, and figured I'd give back a little to the community that made it possible. This is particularly geared at people interested in elite boutiques - think on par with Lazard, Blackstone M&A/RX, Qatalyst. Recruiting with these firms is particularly...
265 months 6 days ago
Non-target in APACThis goes out to all non-targets in APAC. I'm a non-target student in South-east Asia (Singapore/Hong Kong) It's hard breaking into investment banking but more so in APAC. The first thing bankers will look at is which school you're from and if it's not Ivy League, LSE, Oxbridge, or any reputable uni...
35 months 1 week ago
25 months 2 weeks ago
Finally cut itGuys, So I finally cut it 3 years after graduating from undergrad, and I would like to share my story to you guys as this forum has been staying with me along the way and indeed the break-in cases here keep on pumping gas into me whenever I got rejected. A bit about my background: I was an internati...
185 months 4 weeks ago
Best way to use a failure to your advantageRobert Cialdini talks about the power of failure in his book "Influence". What are the ways in which you have used failure to your advantage? ...
16 months 7 hours ago
Finally got into IB! thx 2 IBOasisHey everyone, I've just got an offer for an analyst position in corp fin advisory:) I have been using this forum for over 1 months now and actually find the career related topics very useful in gaining knowledge needed to get into IB. I hope everyone will share more of these real life IB experiences...
487 months 1 week ago
From Depression to Community College to Target School & BeyondHey everyone. This past spring I graduated from my local community college and was accepted into 2 of 3 schools I applied to. After receiving endless amounts of useful advice and information from this community, I thought it would be a good time to formally introduce myself and hopefully share any i...
Nick Naylor
287 months 1 week ago
From Non-Target to ThreesomeFriday night. I'm at the club, grinding on two fine NYU specimens, one is my date and the other told us her name was Chloe. I peer over my shoulder and cringe at the desperate frat boys, raising vodka for the sober women, oblivious to the fact that chicken-legs and chubbies don't go hand-in-hand. I ...
187 months 1 week ago
Non Target Freshman to Boutique, How I Did ItHi guys, Long time reader of this forum, WSO has been very helpful so first I want to thank all those posters who have contributed valuable advice across the board in terms of progressing through the realms of high finance. To start with, I'm pretty young (rising sophomore now), and I currently atte...
98 months 5 hours ago
Non-Target to BB IBD Dudes, I've recently accepted an offer to a BB IBD group after 2 years of absolute torture in terms of uncertainty and leverage. Here's the background: - Non-Target UG, B.S.E. Engineering - Multiple internships in heavy industrial mfg. - One Year post-grad work in sales in electronics mfg. After rou...
278 months 21 hours ago
From almost getting expelled in HS to IB FT.I went to a prestigious private high school where lots of students are placed into Ivy league and other target schools across the nation. However, I gave zero f*cks in high school and was addicted to video games. I was naive into thinking that I could pull a 3.0 and get into a good college based on ...
238 months 1 week ago
Why do people celebrate mediocrity?I was skimming along facebook and see this guy smiling as he was holding up his MBA degree he just got from a really shytty school. The school ranked 89 out of USNews business school rankings. And to throw more poo on it, it took him 5 years to get. So, apparently, it was a part-time MBA. Seriousl...
178 months 3 weeks ago
The best informational interview one could ask for!Fellow monkeys, Long time reader, I have only posted several times. I am here to share my success. I just landed a S&T role at a top BB (GS,MS,JPM). My background: Small, private, non-target finance grad with a 3.2 GPA. My university only places GPA is a result of concentrating infinitely time...
448 months 3 weeks ago
WSO Hall of Fame: Success Stories ForumThe Wall Street Oasis Success Stories Hall of Fame provides a comprehensive collection of some of WSO's best success stories over the years. Keep in mind this Hall of Fame does not include Q&A sessions by WSO veterans. To view a full list of Q&A’s & Interviews please navigate here....
08 months 3 weeks ago
How to Pass the Series 7 ExamIf you are reading this post, you are most likely preparing to sit for the series 7 exam. First and foremost, I made this post because I wish it existed when I was studying for the exam. For me, the stakes were very high - pass the series 7 exam on the first attempt or lose my new wall street job ...
1059 months 2 days ago
My Story: Enlisted military to PE from undergradI'm reluctant to make this post, because I think a lot of times these things look pretty douchey, and I don't like to toot my own horn, but... I thought this could be helpful to other military veterans lurking out there looking for advice on how to break into the industry. I know I was completely c...
109 months 4 days ago
From Hedge Fund to Corp Fin to M&APhewwww, it's been a strange ride, fellas. I would like to gloat about my recent career revelations, while hopefully providing some advice/insight to the people who read. I have just finished up a GE-type Financial Management Program at an F100 firm with an offer for an analyst role within the compa...
259 months 2 weeks ago
From the "Hood" to IBDAfter a couple of Goose Island Pale Ale's, and waiting for the Hawks game to be over, I have decided to write my "success" story on this forum. Over the past couple of years, I've spent my time lurking WallStreetOasis, picking up important pieces of information along the way, so I thought I'd share ...
Dolphins Are Cool
69 months 2 weeks ago
What investment banking is in simple words and my story There are a couple different paths that you can take as a finance major: Commercial Banking corporate finance Financial Planning Hedge Funds Insurance Investment Banking Money Management Private Equity Real Estate Other I picked investment banking... In investment banking you will be workin...
Group Therapy
1519 months 2 weeks ago
From no job this summer to an internship at Hedge Fund now need help???To all the Non-Target kids out there this story is for you. I attend a small liberal arts college in the South, think College of Charleston not Vandy. I had wanted to go into IBD, but figured when I was denied at Dartmouth and would attend my College I had no shot at it, and began pursuing other int...
09 months 3 weeks ago
Landed a PE job thanks to WSO!I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who posts the great content on WSO! I have recently accepted an offer to be an analyst at a smaller boutique PE firm in Chicago! I came from a non-target with an average GPA, but thanks to all of the insightful content (and working my ass off to nail the ...
Big Sugar
19 months 3 weeks ago
Non-Target, 3.0 < GPA, non-finance major, to ERBackground: I went to a non-target, had a 2.7 GPA, and didn't study finance in college. Ended up landing a job in ER. I apologize in advance that I have failed to contribute as much as I should to these forums. WSO was one of the main tools I used and find myself looking at boards plenty often. My...
219 months 4 weeks ago
Strange Success Story: from Philosophy Major to the Buy Side in 4 yearsTechnically this story starts in 2011. I was a philosophy major, planning to go pursue a PHD after undergrad and spend the rest of my life debating the Big Questions with old fogies in dusty offices for peanuts. Then I went to Paris to study abroad and I realized: I would really like to make a lot o...
1210 months 3 days ago
The long road to ER from a non-targetI have been browsing this forum for almost two years now since the beginning of my senior year and thought I would share my story on breaking into ER. I was never a great student and actually barely graduated high school while focusing on sports way too much. I do not believe I turned in a single h...
710 months 1 week ago
Investment Ops Straight to Private Equity - Success Story and Request for AdviceGreetings fellow primates, I am new to WSO but have been lurking for a few days since joining and am gaining a feel for the culture and types of posts that are helpful to others. I joined WSO because of a recent success I've had in my job hunt that has landed me in a role more relevant to the commu...
210 months 1 week ago
AMA - IB Coverage / M&A From Non-Target School to Tier 1 Bulge Bracket and M&A BoutiqueMod Note (Andy) - as the year comes to an end we're reposting the top AMA's from 2015, this one was originally posted 2/21/2015. I had a good, but not great GPA, and went to a similarly leveled college on the east coast. It's still a non-target university known more for sciences and engineering tha...
4410 months 2 weeks ago
UG PE Analyst - 2.9 GPA, no internship, non-targetMod Note (Andy) - as the year comes to an end we're reposting the top discussions from 2015, this one ranks #25 and was originally posted 9/20/2015. From Non-Target Undergrad Straight to PE I've had some downtime the last few weeks before I start my new role and have been mulling over making a post...
Middle Market PE
4110 months 2 weeks ago
3 Tips for Non-TargetsWell I did it. I landed an offer to be a summer analyst at an investment bank. Breaking into I-banking from a non-target may be a more common occurrence these days, but it is certainly still a challenge. Here are three pieces of advice that definitely helped me in securing an offer. It's not what y...
3910 months 4 weeks ago
Just wanted to say thanksCame across this site a while back trying to figure out what I was going to do with my finance degree. Didn't know my ass from my elbow at the time and was able to learn some good things from browsing the site, and I now have a much better direction and a concrete idea of the path I want to take. Wa...
Goldman Snacks
010 months 4 weeks ago
AMA: Non-target to target transfer; BB IB & buyside offersHi everyone, this site provided immeasurable help in my journey to break into finance. I realize this post may only apply to a small group of monkeys, but I think I can be most helpful by discussing my transfer process and decision to switch schools at the undergrad level. Since the deadline for app...
1111 months 4 days ago
5 worst career advices that I have received in my lifeHere are 5 worst career advices that I have received to date Don't put all your eggs in one basket. In theory, this can't be wrong. But who can diversify (i.e., get free lunch) and still make money? This is not a good advice for those who want to make money. I will always thank the business school p...
311 months 1 week ago
Sort of a Success StoryIn my previous AMA I didn't go as in depth about my past as I am going to go this time. But I think the story will definitely help someone out because it shows that you can accomplish a lot even with massive hurdles to overcome. Background: To keep it short I was a bit of stoner / drunk by the age o...
611 months 2 weeks ago
Middle Office IB role in Eastern Europe to a ... Gulfstream G650This post is for all of you out there who have failed to secure that all-important front office IB job that you were craving, and settled for the middle or back office position. All is not lost yet ... really not lost ... Let's face it, the majority of users on WSO desire front office IB jobs or som...
112 months 4 days ago
Middle Office IB role in Eastern Europe to a Gulfstream G650This post is for all of you out there who have failed to secure that all-important front office IB job that you were craving, and settled for the middle or back office position. All is not lost yet ... really not lost ... Let's face it, the majority of users on WSO desire front office IB jobs or som...
01 year 8 hours ago
My Crazy Success Story! Hey everyone. First of all, it's pretty surreal that I'm writing this post on here on the "success stories" section. Maybe writing this is one piece of officially cementing my career journey from where I started to where I am now. To put this in perspective, I think I discovered WSO sometime back in...
161 year 1 week ago
For Those of You Unable to Secure Investment Banking Internships - Keep Your Head UpI know summer recruiting is winding down and a few of you are probably freaking out. There was another thread a few weeks ago called On Losing & Failure that I would recommend reading if you haven't already. Like you, I was in precisely the same situation last year, and through persistence, netw...
281 year 3 weeks ago
Sincere thank you to the WSO CommunityMod Note: Each day we'll be posting the top WSO forum posts of 2014. This one was originally posted on 7/7/14 and ranks #16 for the year by total silver banana count. You can see all our top ranked content here. Fellow Monkeys, this is my story of triumph, success, and most importantly, humility. It...
611 year 1 month ago
Non-Target, Sub 3.5 GPA. FT BB IBDThis is an absolute must read if you're from a non-target! I will try to detail out as much of my journey as I can. This post is kind of long overdue; however, I feel like it's better late than never. (Even if it's really poorly written.) I got an email around November of 2010 from JPM Houston's IBD...
371 year 2 months ago
Average GPA to M&A at Boutique Investment BankI want to say a huge thank you the WSO community as I have just landed a full time offer at a boutique bank in London and thought i would offer my advice in the hope it will help someone in the same way WSO has helped me. Quick Background: I went to a top 10 Uni in the UK which is a target Uni for...
31 year 2 months ago
Anyone have any success wth recruiters in CanadaThere are only 2-3 major players in recruitment in Canada - Thorek Scott, Ludwig, Vlaad, & Beqaj. Did anyone ever work with either of those? What was your experience? ...
21 year 3 months ago
Non-Target with <3.0 GPA Lands MM Summer Analyst Hey Everyone, I just wanted to thank everyone who contributes to WSO. I learned so much just by reading and really learned A LOT from the technical and behavioral interview guides. These things are dead on and really made me stand out during my interviews. Here's my story; I go to a non target schoo...
351 year 3 months ago
Non-Targeted Southern School with No Connections, 2016 Capital Markets AnalystSo I am from a very non-targeted Southern school. I grew up in a small South Carolina town and I am the first in my family to get a degree from an accredited school. I didn't come from much money (my family was in real estate and the recession really hurt us), so I had to pay for college. For me, th...
131 year 3 months ago
Story of sub 2.5 gpa breaking into MCHey all, I made a burn account so I can share a story of sub 2.5 gpa student getting offers from multiple MC firms including one from MBB. Firstly, I'd like to preface this by saying that my purpose in 5 years of college experience was to experience as many and different things as possible. I attend...
291 year 4 months ago
From non-target to masters in management to boutique consulting to IBAfter a lot of struggling I made it to the promised land. I'll be joining a super-regional bank's capital market arm as an associate. I first came to WSO as a clueless undergrad that was at the epitome of a non-target. I did my masters, networked hard and got a job at a consulting firm then parlayed...
61 year 4 months ago
Proposal ideasHello! My GF and I have been together for 5 long years. I think its high time for us to get married. She has been waiting for me to propose her all these years I but I wasn't financially ready for it. Recently I found a good job and paid off all my mortgage. I had a plans to propose her last month ...
01 year 5 months ago
My Crazy Success Story Hey everyone. First of all, it's pretty surreal that I'm writing this post on here on the "success stories" section. Maybe writing this is one piece of officially cementing my career journey from where I started to where I am now. To put this in perspective, I think I discovered WSO sometime back in...
01 year 6 months ago
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11 year 7 months ago
what is important to meAs we know, analysts and associates work involves some trivial work, work that makes you worthless, makes you question why you should exist, why you are there, what is the point in all this. These work usually makes you feel like you don't matter at all. You don't have to be there for the team to fu...
31 year 7 months ago
11 year 7 months ago
Can a Non Target land a IB SA? With hard work and persistence it definitely is Mod Note: Each day we'll be posting the top WSO forum posts of 2014. This one was originally posted on 2/20/14 and ranks #21 for the year by total silver banana count. You can see all our top ranked content here. I just received an IB SA offer this morning from the number 1 firm on my list and I jus...
451 year 8 months ago
Ask me anything: Ex Banking Analyst in China + Incoming PE AnalystHi All, been on the site for a while and previously contributed a bit on investment banking in China. After 2 years at my previous bank, I am moving to a top middle market Asia focused PE fund (China team) in the next few weeks. I have experience working on cross-border M&A, both onshore and off...
181 year 8 months ago
Keep your spouse clueless: Road to Happiness Hi In a relationship, you talk about everything because you are best friends. This is easier said than done for us in Finance because they simply do not understand what we do. There is absolutely no point in explaining something to aliens (and we appear like aliens to them). I'd say keep them guessi...
161 year 9 months ago
State School-->GS NYC Summer Analyst-->Medical SchoolComplete 180 career move. Now third year medical student. Here to chat with anyone that dipped their toes in and didn't like it. ...
71 year 9 months ago
21 year 9 months ago
Anyone have a success story after a not-so-great college experience?The reason I ask this is simply this: I want to go into finance. I really do. I spend just as much time on here as I do fantasizing about my future - which is 95% of my thoughts. I go to somewhat of a target school, considering it's a top-20 undergrad b-school but it's located in the Midwest and th...
51 year 9 months ago
Training course for finance?Hi guys, I have a question and your help would be much appreciated. I understand there is training courses for e.g investment banking, like a package of videos and courses you can buy.. Is there something similar to that for finance in general? Something that would go over everything related to fina...
01 year 9 months ago
From Homeless and Parentless to Harvard Inspirational story about the adversity Zack Hodges overcame. Left Parentless and Homeless, Harvard Star's Amazing Journey May Lead to the NFL ...
171 year 10 months ago
Would Love Some GuidanceHope everyone is doing well. I'm currently in my 3rd year at a non target, and recently recevied an internship offer from a BB. Although it's a back office position, I'm excited about this opportunity and plan on using it as a learning experience/stepping stone. I would love to land a full time offe...
21 year 10 months ago
Non-target to BB M&A - Thank you!I've been debating whether or not to post this but decided to go ahead with it as I know these sort of posts always spurred me during my darker days! Will just be sharing my story and path from how I went from a pretty poor state school to a non-target university and getting myself a full time offer...
221 year 11 months ago
Just got my offer. Thank you WSOHello. Today I received an offer from a major oil company in the trading department for my first summer internship. I go to a non-target and have sub par grades (3.4/4.0) but with the help of networking and WSO I was able to land my dream position. Overall I just want to thank the users of WSO for s...
301 year 11 months ago
An Interesting Success StoryI ran into an old friend the other day and wanted to share his story with the community. He asked me to omit particular facts to maintain his anonymity. I hope that his story will encourage some of you to continue to persevere. My friend has an unconventional background (philosophy major from a non...
12 years 1 week ago
Got rejected from Amazon Financial Analyst posistionRejected after super day at Amazon for FA position. Pretty gutted as I put all my chips into this internship. I feel like my back is against the wall and no matter how depressed I am, I will claw tooth and nail to prevent spending this summer without an internship. Do you think I still have time i...
32 years 2 weeks ago
Part 2- Finally Got It - Top MM Offer- Thank You WSOSo my previous post (// had people commenting on it asking how i went about networking/using linkedin. Here is my advice on basically reaching out to someone cold on linkedin/just how to game the networking system. My method might not work for al...
272 years 4 weeks ago
Role model?Hi guys, thought i'd post it here...i was wondering if you guys have encountered any role models that inspired you in your careers and made you keep moving forward? what were they like? what were their career trajectories like? cheers! ...
12 years 4 weeks ago
Non Target & No Internships to Target with Multiple OffersHey guys. So This past week I received offers from GS Strats and MS S&T. For me it marked the end of a 2.5 year journey that I thought some of you might find interesting. Before I begin I want to say how lucky I am to have parents that could help me immensely along this long and sometimes expens...
72 years 1 month ago
Thanks WSO - Finally got an offer!Fellow monkeys! This post is long overdue but I recently received an offer from a BB (think GS/MS). I used thank you posts like these in the past as 'if they can do it, so can you' to keep me motivated. Took me over a year to get this offer and I'm really glad I stumbled on this website and went thr...
332 years 1 month ago