~1 hour long commute to save money as a first year i-banking analyst?

Wondering if I could get some advice here. My parents are really encouraging me to live at home during the first 6 months of my Analyst program, which is starting to sound attractive to me. Since I will be at work most of the week, it wouldn't make sense to splurge $1700-2000 on a subpar apartment (which is normal for the area that I am working in next year, even with roommates). I could save about $12,500 in these first few months, which I can then use to rent a nicer apartment or to save for grad school. I know my social life will be duller, but I am a homebody and know I can manage that for a bit. However, my only concern is the commute--it is about 1 hour (or less) each way using public transportation, and I know with the rough hours this will be tiresome. Has anyone else done this/know anyone who has done this and can give me advice? Or can any former first-year analyst give me the pros and cons?