2nd tier consulting company in a "Hub" city vs 1st tier (MBB) in a satellite (regional) city // (in Asia)

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Hello everyone,

I'm considering to decide on multiple options and here to ask for any useful advice.
Though I'm talking about the Asian market here, I would appreciate if you can share any personal experience/thoughts as I don't have many consultants around me to ask for advice.

Option 1. 2nd Tier Consulting Company (think Strategy &, AT Kearny, Accenture, Oliver Wyman) in a major city (Singapore / Hong Kong)
(I don't have to worry about housing since my boyfriend is starting his work in the same city I got the offer from and he is going to be sponsored for his housing - likely that we'll be staying together)
- Pros: global exposure (definitely!), low tax & higher salary & nothing to worry about housing, new challenges!
- Cons: prestige, prestige, prestige...

Option 2. 1st Tier (MBB) in a regional city (Tokyo, Seoul, KL, Mumbai, etc)
- Pros: prestige, parents living in the same city, possibly better exit opps / better b-school placement
- Cons: very localized market, very conservative working culture with long, long working hours

Career goal: PE (I've done internships in both PE and i-banking beforehand)
If getting into PE right from consulting is difficult, I'm willing to go on an MBA, work some years in banking and then transfer to a private equity firm.

Honestly, I really love the first option. Though it's a second-tier company I think it'll bring me more diverse experiences and global exposure than the first-tier company in a regional city as the market is highly localized (it's almost unlikely for me to have global exposure if I choose option 2). I really want a refreshing start after the graduation and want to challenge myself by living in a new city. I also like that my boyfriend is going to be together with me, which will help me much better to adjust to the new environment, make our relationship more solid, and save housing fee (LOL).

Yet, the fact that this "prestige" will hamper me from getting into PE industry makes my decision so hard.
I also heard that if you're from a 2nd-tier consulting firm, you're one of the best possible options after the b-school would be getting into MBB, not into a new industry (IB summer associate or PE).

I would deeply appreciate if you can comment anything on my situation :)