2nd Yr Analyst BB MO Looking to Move to Corp Fin

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Hey Everybody -

Been awhile since I've been on the site...and well that was certainly a mistake. I'm currently a 2nd year analyst at a large BB in a post-grad program in an MO function. I won't bore you with reasons why I want out of my current role but I will say that it has nothing to do with my performance. Long story short I want/need to pivot in a Corp Fin role to be in line with my LT career goals. The one thing that seems to be a reoccurring theme (or am I losing my shit?) though is that most job listings are for recent grads or individuals with 3-5 years experience. As far as competency goes I'm confident I can handle most roles, I won't be a dick and say I can do it all because that's not true.

Anyone further along in their career willing to give a guy some advice?

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Dec 15, 2017

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Dec 18, 2017

Not very far into my career (2nd year CF analyst, so probably the same age as you), but I'd say not to worry at all if the roles are 3-5 years.. That just means they don't want someone without experience. Typically job req's ask for much more than they actually want- I'm sure they'd take someone with 2 years of exp.. It all depends on if you're the best and most qualified person interviewing.

Dec 18, 2017

You make a good point. Thinking of shooting for a lateral move internally as well. Time will tell

Dec 18, 2017