3rd Year Analyst in Asset Management

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I am a third year analyst who recently started at a small boutique firm; however, I am not sure that my new job is the right place for me. So I updated my resume and would appreciate critique and advice.

FYI, the first bullet point under "Boutique Institutional Investment Consulting Firm" is obviously a description of the company. I added this since it's a small, relatively unknown firm and the name of the firm does not explain what we do (XYZ Associates). Any suggestions on how I can format this more effectively or any thoughts on having this bullet point in general are appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


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Jan 10, 2011

Looks solid from a content and formatting standpoint. The biggest thing for you is going to be trying to build relationships elsewhere/create opportunities to interview at similar firms without making noise. I don't have much experience in this so I would defer to someone more knowledgeable. The res looks good though... I like the format.

Jan 10, 2011