A Non-Target Hero: From E&Y to IB to PE to HF

With impressive executives, Wall Street Mentors has a diverse group of accomplished professionals that can help you advance your career whatever your background. Trying to get a front office job coming from a non-target? We have a number of mentors that can help map out the path for you, including Rob, the featured mentor below. Please feel free to email us directly m to receive a mentor recommendation that is personalized to your background.

Our featured mentors this week is Rob Bauer - a Non-Target Hero.

Rob has nearly a decade of experience investing $2.2 billion in assets for private equity and hedge funds. He is co-founder of a private equity strategy that generated a return of 58%, and Rob has completed 15 private equity transactions in his career. He has also served as the top advisor to the Chief Investment Officer of a $1.2 billion multi-strategy hedge fund. Rob's road to private equity wasn't the typical one though. After graduating from a small, liberal arts school in the midwest, he started his career working for E&Y's transaction team, and he aggressively networked as well as leveraged his accounting background to land a job at Piper Jaffray's Financial Sponsors Group.

Through our Wall Street Mentors program, you can chat with Rob and other accomplished professionals to create a personalized plan for your job search and career development. Please email [email protected] to set-up a mentoring session with Rob or learn about the other mentors available in our network.

Wall Street Mentors is a great resource to get ready for recruiting season, as we will pair you with Wall Street executives that have been actively involved in the hiring process at leading banks, hedge funds, big 3 consulting firms, and private equity shops. They can give you the inside scoop on what to expect, how to prepare for recruiting, and we also offer mock interviews for simulated, intense interview prep.


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Sep 9, 2011

Should read "Rob's road to private equity...".

Sep 9, 2011

yep - thanks

Sep 13, 2011

So what happens if i sign up for this? We skype for an hour and he tells me to keep my head down, work hard, and I'll make it? or does participating in this open some hidden back door into IB?

Sep 14, 2011

What happens if you sign up for this, I'm guessing since I haven't used the service, is you get a one-on-one hour of no-bullshit on how you can swing a job in the industry you want to get into. How to spin your story, what they look for, what you can do with your current stats, etc. Not too hard to figure that out there sparky.

Sep 14, 2011