Advice: JLL Real Estate Investment Banking-Strategic Transactions Group Interview

I'm a senior graduating in May at a semi target Big 10 school. Somehow scored a phone interview with HR for the above new group (apparently elite from what the Analysts are saying). Not saying this to brag, rather because the job post was asking for 1-3 years of experience and Argus proficiency, neither of which I have. This is an absolute dream job for me so I'm pretty nervous and need to crush every part of it. I know it's just HR so it'll probably be 100% behavioral, but any advice on how to prepare for this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks legends.

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Feb 24, 2019

Congratulations at landing the interview. Sounds like a great position for someone right out of school.

As you've alluded to, you're likely going to be competing for this role against people with multiple years of experience so you'll need to be more impressive than your average college senior. The good news is you just need to be impressive and normal enough to get the nod from HR, I think this should be doable.

I think ways to improve your chances would be to:

1) It helps if you can show more maturity & gravitas than your average college senior. You'll need to be very polished and mature (without being too stiff). Use a recorder to practice your answers to potential questions and critique yourself.
2) You should have a very good explanation / story of why you want to work in this particular group and what attracts you to it (i.e. I want to work on large scale recaps with best in class operators across geography's, I want to work on complex portfolio transactions etc.) If you have had relevant internships, you should try and weave those in.

If you don't have any Argus experience, I don't think that will crush you but it would help if you had any exposure at all to it via coursework in school or prior internships. I wouldn't bring it up unless they ask about it. Don't sweat this too much, you can learn the basics of Argus in a day. It might be good to search this forum and get up to speed on how the software works / what it does if you're starting from zero.

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Feb 24, 2019

Any chance you'd happen to have some Excel/Argus tests?

Feb 24, 2019

You are right as it will just be your standard HR checklist/behavioral questions. I had a call with them for a similar position and all it entailed was walking through my resume, explaining the position, and them asking me if I had any questions.

Argus will definitely come up so if you have practical experience with it (school, free time, etc.) talk up to that. Excel will come up as well since the recruiter said all of the analysts spend their days essentially in Argus and Excel.

Talk up to your strengths/skills that you learned in school or in your free time that can make up for your lack of experience, also doesn't hurt to be show a little excitement for the position when talking to HR either. Make sure to ask intelligent questions if you think HR knows more about the postion. In my phone screening, the recruiter didn't seem to know much about the job. I'm pretty sure all she knew was just what was on the job description. Either way it doesn't hurt to ask all the questions you have. Don't worry too much about it since it just a phone screen and once you crush that, you'll crush the in person interview too.

Don't be nervous, just be yourself and the rest will fall into place.

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Feb 25, 2019

Run away, don't walk.

Feb 24, 2019

care to elaborate?

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Feb 25, 2019

Used to work in this exact group.

PM me.

Feb 25, 2019

So, I've never heard of this segment of JLL.

I suspect the job sucks because you're always pitching against the groups that were first in the game and have some straight hitters. Ie; HFF securities, EDS. Probably rarely winning assignments working for a high strung MD who desperately trying to keep his job and source some biz.

Just a thought... this is not based on any facts at all. Would love to be proved wrong.

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Feb 25, 2019

To clarify for everyone, the ST group is not investment banking and there isn't really anything strategic about it.

They do portfolio sales and refinances, which all sorts of other capital markets groups at JLL do without having a holier than thou title.

Hours are IB like but the pay is tied to regular JLL capital markets pay which is no where close to IB, for both salary and bonus.

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Feb 25, 2019

This is very false information...

It only takes a glance at the job description to understand the role, but you will essentially be brought in to partner with other groups within capital markets (I.E. West Coast Multifam, Corporate Finance, Chicago Debt, whatever) to assist them with complex or high-profile deals that are deemed to be of especially high importance by the company and are likely to garner significant international interest.

I know two people on this team and both work like dogs and are probably paid slightly below street, but there is absolutely no lack of deal flow and this team doesn't really prospect anyway as you will be brought in on large deals to assist. The actual experience will be pretty incredible if you are willing to grind at an hours-to-compensation rate that is above typical for real estate, and you will see a lot of large and complex deals that are diverse in geography and product type, which would be cool.

Best of luck with the interview.

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