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I had a SA S&T CS interview. It went really well. Waited 2 weeks for a response, I put forward that I already had another BB SA offer to sign. HR calls me last week, saying all positions are full and that there will be no further assessement center. She went through the feedback with me, which was very positive. She said that I would be a very good candidate, and that I had extensive market knowledge and experience and that the two interviewing analyst thought I was a good fit. Unfortunately all positions are filled ?! I tried to get SA interviews for other geo.locations, she denied saying that I would have to reapplly to these positions.

What shall I do?

1) Call up CS VP/MD after market hours saying that I have had very good feedback but positions were filled and ask whether or not they had vacancies for their desks?
2) Wait for CS to contact me at any point in time?! dead end ?!



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