Amazon to rival Wal-mart in the grocery market

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Amazon has been in the news recently for their CEO Jeff Benzos becoming the 2nd richest person in the world, and now they're in the news again but for a completely different reason. Amazon latest experiment is a grocery pick-up store , that's right Amazon is going into the $600 billion U.S. market of groceries. As stated in the article,

On Tuesday the e-commerce giant unveiled two grocery pickup spots in Seattle's Sodo and Ballard neighborhoods, under the AmazonFresh brand.

To explain what this new venture for Amazon is, the article notes that,

Dubbed AmazonFresh Pickup, the two locations are designed for shoppers who make their purchases online and then select a time to pick them up. An Amazon employee at the pickup site will bring the bags directly to the shopper's car.

Now onto the specifics of the pricing for AmazonFresh and the planned services. AmazonFresh has said that when the stores open for the public that,

...they'll be exclusively for members of Amazon's $99-a-year Prime loyalty program.

Unlike the AmazonFresh delivery service, which costs $14.99 a month, usage of the pickup locations is free with no minimum order. Orders can be picked up two hours after purchase.

The one perk of being a AmazonFresh members is that you can pick up your purchases in 15 minutes . Amazon has also unveiled a pilot convenience store, where you are able to shop without having to use a cashier. Everything is paid for through your phone and a connection to Amazon`s system via wireless. The pickup and delivery service that AmazonFresh has introduced is intended to compliment the brick-and-mortar convenience stores.

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Amazon Unveils Grocery Pickup Locations


1. With Amazon's increasing online popularity, do you believe that this new venture could realistically work?

2. Does the idea of grocery pickup and delivery services interest you?