Arrested - will my BB offer be rescinded?

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I recently got a summer IBD offer from one of the BBs and accepted it, but just this past weekend, I made a stupid decision and got myself arrested for "doubling up" at a NYC subway turnstile (me and a friend both swiped in with just 1 swipe on his Metrocard - basically the same as jumping a turnstile). Since this is a first time offense, according to the police, what will happen is when we go to court, the judge will give us each a 6-month "adjournment considering dismissal," which basically means that if we don't get arrested for the next 6 months, the charges will be dropped. Unfortunately for me, my BB's background check hasn't happened yet (but will happen between now and the summer), and the arrest/charge will almost definitely show up when they run the check, as long as the charge hasn't been dropped. Does anyone have any experience with this/know if this is grounds for my offer being rescinded if it shows up? Should I hire a lawyer to try to get the charge dropped ASAP? Really worried since the offense is classified as a Class A Misdemeanor ("theft of services") and that banks will take it very seriously since it is technically theft.