Backup MSF program based on recruiting of international students (JHU, BU, Brandeis, Purdue, USF, Arizona State, Tulane etc)

Hello guys!

I am an international student applying for MSF (or MFin) in the U.S.
CGPA: 3.59
GRE: 169/170 Q, 155/170 V
GMAT: 700

No previous work experience in finance, only business development at a private company.

I have already chosen the MSF programs which attract me most (and these are quite top programs), but I would like your advice as to which programs I should apply to as a back-up plan. I understand that I still need to like these programs and opportunities that they can provide. Choose 2 programs.

Considering that I am an international student who wants to stay in the U.S. and work, preferably in IB, capital markets or Asset Management. The locations I prefer are Boston, New York, and Philadelphia, but since I know that getting an internship/job is hard for internationals, I will be happy to work in another city as long as there is a prospective opportunity to move to NY, Philly, Bos, SF.

The criteria are: recruting for internationals in the regions and jobs I mentioned; networking; being a BACKUP (meaning that I apply there and can be certain of getting in); location (city itself, opportunities).

Please discuss what you think about these programs (as backup plans):

  1. Brandeis
  2. John Hopkins
  3. Purdue
  4. U of San Fransisco
  5. Fordham
  6. Arizona State U
  7. Boston U (MS mathematical finance)
  8. Ohio State U
  9. Tulane
  10. Temple
  11. Syracuse

P.S. Merry Christmas to all members of WSO!

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Feb 2, 2017

I have a very similar situation here and a mostly same goals to achieve as you do. I applied for MS in Finance in BC, JHP, Brandeis, Rochester and Tulane. I heard something about JHP's Carey business school that Carey is not a good business school.

Feb 2, 2017

Sorry I don't have much to add on which schools in the US you should apply to, but I would say that you should watch closely what changes Trump makes to H-1B visas and OPT as this could make it very difficult for you to stay in the US after graduation.

Feb 3, 2017