BB IB to Buy-Side -> When to resign?

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Hi all,

I am an analyst in a BB IB who has just accepted a Buy-side role and want to hear your opinions regarding logistics. My specific doubts are:
(1) Is it ok to announce my resignation after the bonus number is announced but before it hits my account? Given that it is a BB, I am thinking that once the number has been cleared with HR, Group Head, etc. and has been communicated to me, they would not modify it following my resignation;
(2) Should I offer to continue "working" for a 1/2 weeks? (Perhaps better to let them decide?)

What are your thoughts? Also, if you have any recommendations on how to handle the resignation, etc., feel free to add!


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Comments (6)

Jul 27, 2018

I wouldn't risk my bonus bud lol

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Jul 28, 2018

Bruh, you are an undergrad. Leave this to people who are currently employed...

Jul 27, 2018

you always wait until after the check clears...always.

just google're welcome

Jul 27, 2018

You don't announce it until the last penny hits your bank account.

Remember what industry you're in.

Greed is Good

Jul 27, 2018

100% wait, unfortunate reality of the world that you don't want to learn the hard way.

Jul 28, 2018