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I could use people's opinions:

My long-term goals are a top b-school and/or PE. Though I'm graduating with honors from a target school my internship this past summer was with a boutique consulting firm and needless to say my final round i-banking superdays didn't go as well as they needed to. Based on those in the industries (not college kids talking out of their a--), with those two long-term goals in mind, which job would have the POTENTIAL to give me more exit options, consulting at PwC or banking associate in Private Banking/Asset Management at Citi. Also, if anyone could shed light on the starting salaries of either or possible work hours at Citi (obviously the more the better, I want to prepare myself for PE and possibly banking down the line), I would be extremely appreciative. Thanks in advance.

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Feb 21, 2011

Are we talking about AM at Citi or PB at Citi? If the former, what type of group?

There is a fairly large difference between the two as far as the skills you will learn and how those skills relate to your chances for PE.

Feb 21, 2011