So I just received a FT offer to join a big 4 accounting firm in audit. My problem is that I'm interested in their transactions services department and was wondering how I can let the firm know my true interests with hopes of them setting me up with that position, but at the same time not getting them to rescind my offer as I don't have anything else as of now.

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Accept the offer...and network while you are in there. You may have exposure to the dept. and I'm sure it is quite I bit easier to move while your within the firm. Also, in this environment it isn't worth losing an offer.

Just my 2 cents. Gl with w/e u decide

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Hey, I worked in TS for one of the Big 4's. My advice is for you to accept the offer and transfer to TS after your first yr, the reasoning is bcos
1. Deal flow for TS is REALLY slow right now and the practice does not need additional manpower.
2. Audit gives u a better foundation to TS
3. Finally, you are a rookie!! Recruiters usually frown on first yrs that are demanding!!
hope this helps.


I was in a very similar situation. My advice is to take on audit with full interest/ passion/ etc for the first year or so, and then network your way through meeting with managers of Corporate Finance or TS. You will have plenty of opportunity to talk with these departmental managers at the many events organised by the firm throughout the year by the firm with the intention of having you network inter-and cross-departmental-wise (Friday drinks, networking lunches, etc). They recruited you for audit with the assumption that you will be doing audit over the period. Try to build good rapport and slowly move out as they will be unhappy of the sudden change of heart, from their point of view.

If the networking doesn't seem to go very well, you can always ask your manager to move into audit within Financial Services as these will give you exposure to insurance firms, investment banks, commercial banks, etc when dealing with their financial reports/ meetings/ debriefings/ meeting with the client/ etc.

Whatever you do, I insist that you do not act in a way that jeopardises this offer as audit is a great place to be (with a relatively high job security) given the current economic conditions.

**A true story: a friend of mine did a summer vac at a big 4 audit firm within Tax Services and was the only one to have received a graduate offer within Tax. He had a solid performance review with not a single negative comment. However, he did not want Tax and so informed HR that he is interested in pursuing a career in finance and would like an opportunity or exposure to Corporate Finance or TS as a graduate, instead of Tax. Guess what HR did? Yes, you guessed it... they revoked his contract and informed him that they recruited him because they wanted him in Tax, and would prefer taking on someone who has a pure desire/ interest in Tax.

My advice is to actually start working in audit, stay for while and then move as if they decline/ revoke your contract, then you still have that (invaluable) experience under your belt when applying elsewhere... which is a huge bonus during current times of high unemployment.

I hope this helps. Good luck! :)

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I would just like to add that a lot of my colleagues in TS came from audit dep. after a year or two. So, maybe you should accept the offer and transfer to the TS after a year or so.

btw I'm in valuation at Big4.


Hey all I am new to the site. I guess I'm a long time reader, first time responder. I am going to be starting with a Big 4 in the fall FT and bballpro123 asked the exact question I have been wondering. I accepted the position thinking about stability, etc. but really want to move into the structured deals/TS eventually. Would the best way to transition into IB be to do audit in FS for around a year, get into TS for a couple years, go to a target B-School, and leverage my experience and networking from there? Also, is there any advantage to working in NY at a Big 4 in terms of the client base in FS compared to somewhere like Chicago/Houston/LA?


Do you have to be on your way to getting a CPA to interview for audit?

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