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Wondering if anybody on here has experience with the school and knows whether it makes a difference in recruiting if you're in CSOM or MCAS. It seems to me like it's not like NYU or Michigan where business students are preferred and the recruiting events are generally just geared toward those in the business school, but I wanted to make sure this was true. I am applying as a transfer student. Any help from alumni, students, or those familiar with the school would be great!

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Oct 6, 2019 - 2:28am

CSOM 100% percent. While the networking events aren’t closed off to Business students, CSOM is held in much higher regard than the rest of the school at the UG level. You’ll also have more problems answering the, “Why are you Interested in Finance” question coming out of MCAS. As an added bonus, CSOM’s career center does a significantly better job prepping students for interviews/networking.

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Oct 6, 2019 - 12:02pm

If you only got in for MCAS, it's fine. You'll get more out of your education

CSOM is easier though.

I am in MCAS right now as a junior, you have the same resources as a CSOM kid barring the career center which is shitty anyways haha.

In fact, you stand out a little more, because you're not a boring-ass finance major, and you can be different from the boring BC CSOM rich boy. They bankers coming to BC are looking for people who stand out. Stand out. Be you.

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Oct 6, 2019 - 4:31pm

MCAS is harder in terms of the Economics major. Most of my friends breeze through the CSOM business classes... not very hard besdies accounting. Corp fin/Basic fin/marketing/management/invetments/etc. all not very challenging.

The Econ major in MCAS is very math-heavy with a lot of theory.

Look, I am recommending you to do CSOM... but be aware... it is harder to transfer into CSOM than MCAS. If you want to hedge your bets be sure you get in... apply MCAS. I am a transfer here and that's what I did.

Recruiting wise, there is zero difference. Just pick up a finance minor if you're really concerned. like you said.

That is my combo, and it's great, the Econ major is rewarding.

Oct 7, 2019 - 4:14pm

CSOM for life baby. That being said I only got an MSF from BC. As mentioned above, very hard to transfer in. I was waitlisted after freshman year with a 4.0 (granted from a completely non target state school), had a year long internship at a mutual fund company, father was a double Eagle, etc. They stated in the application process they accept roughly 5 transfers a year into CSOM and you will be going up against a lot of students transferring home to New England from very very good schools.

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Oct 7, 2019 - 6:55pm

Depends on your goals. In terms of recruiting, there used to be an edge to CSOM but that has since disappeared since they added in the minors for MCAS kiddos. Sign up for a minor, you'll get the relevant coursework without the rest of the CSOM fluff, as well as get all the recruiting emails. BC doesn't have great formal "on campus" recruiting, but does have strong networks at all the BB's (except MS and Barc). As someone who made it into IB from MCAS, it isnt hard and frankly might be easier. Finance majors looking to go into IB are a dime a dozen, something a bit more interesting or exotic will help you. Additionally the non-CSOM BC grads who made it into banking are willing to battle for other MCAS kids way harder than their CSOM counterparts just due to the supply dynamic.

That being said, if you find out IB isn't for you, then you're hosed if you're in CSOM. MCAS provides a lot more flexibility in that regard, and allows for a more open schedule that isnt clogged up by classes like "organizational behavior".

tldr: MCAS gives more flexibility with the same recruiting prospects, do a finance minor and you'll be equally if not more competitive

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