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I was just wondering what bags or brief cases you would recommend to bring in for your interviews. Please link them below so others can find the exact bags and purchase them if necessary. Or are bags too old fashion for 2017? Instead just a folder? What is common for finance/capital markets interviews?

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You're totally fine just bringing a professional quality padfolio (not a folder - a folio). Buy one in your campus bookstore with your university logo on it. Literally any one that they sell in the bookstore is probably appropriate. You'll want one even if you rock a bag. You might leave your bag somewhere; also, the folio holds a notepad professionally. You don't want to bring a notebook to interviews

This is a professional padfolio (most people go with black):

Padfolio link

I found, in grad school recruiting at least, I almost always just left my bag in the coat closet when I arrived at a firm. That being said, I usually did carry a few other items (gum, tissues, etc) so I found having the bag useful. I'd leave my phone and keys in the bag too so they wouldn't show through my suit.

If you do have some other stuff to carry around, anything that looks modern and professional is fine. Ideally it should match your belt and shoes but it's not a deal breaker as long as it looks normal and isn't a piece of shit. Messenger bags tend to be the most popular for the under 30 crowd. You can get one for around $100 without too much difficulty.

Here's an example, in black and brown, of what is meant by a professional messenger bag (and it's what I personally wear to interviews). I'd consider this mid range; you can go with something more traditional with a zipper/straps too. This one is around $400 but you can absolutely find another brand name for cheaper and its really not a big deal. In fact, some people look a little sideways at 22 year olds that rock $1000 fashion statements to interviews. You can ball out once you have the job.

Jack Spade Bag

Edit: Fixed the link

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This is amazing, thank you


I'd go with an unbranded leather portfolio (can probably find at any office supplies store), I always found the logo ones tacky and when I was recruiting out of undergrad the only kids who had them consistently were from Wharton.

this is a pretty nice and reasonably priced briefcase when they get another batch in - https://www.weargustin.com/store/3835


@Frank Slaughtery is infinitely more stylish than I am. Go with his advice.


I have a padfolio but generally just a simple messenger bag. No ones said anything.

If you want to bring resume and cl I would recommend padfolio.


Do you match it with your belt/shoes? Or do you just have 1 padfolio that you always use


It's fine to have one padfolio that you always use, especially if it's black.


Just 1. I use the same padfolio and messenger bag. People trying to match so hard are just wasting time.


As a woman, I vote for a top quality leather tote. :)


Always bring several extra copies of your resume with you to an interview.

And what do you need to carry those extra copies? A padfolio.

As for bags, standard briefcase or messenger bag is fine. That should be out of site anyways though. Place the padfolio in front of you in case you need to quickly grab a resume for your interviewer or you need to write something down.


Why would you bring extra copies of your resume and a bag? Genuinely curious if it's that different in the US compared to Europe, as I've never brought anything besides myself to an interview (but maybe that was a mistake on my part?), but I'd like to know in case I apply to internships in London.


I've personally been asked multiple times if I had an extra copy. I imagine sometimes the interviewers just forget them, but other times I'd bet they're testing you to see if you're well prepared.

You don't want to respond with "No, sorry, I don't have any extra" when you're interviewing for a job in which you're supposed to be prepared for literally anything. It's easier to just bring a few extra pieces of paper and carry a leather padfolio than to look silly when you're not prepared.


I guess that makes sense - guess I should do so when I start interviewing again. Do you also bring a notepad?


It's unlikely but possible that an interviewer will neglect to bring your resume into the interview, and if so they should feel comfortable asking you for a copy. It is expected that you will have one. In the olden days it would need to be printed on high quality resume paper; standard paper is now fine, but if one is asked for and you don't have one, it is a huge black mark in most interviewers eyes.


Padfolio with a a handle, extra copies of your resume and a nice pen.

Only two sources I trust, Glenn Beck and singing woodland creatures.


Good point on the pen. It doesn't need to be a $50 fountain pen but something nicer than a bic.

One thing I wish I had mentioned earlier - don't EVER bring a pen/folio/etc that has another company's brand on it. I've actually seen people pull this in grad school where companies give out freebies and students bring, say, a goldman notepad to an MBB event, and I've also seen the consultants making fun of those people behind their back.


Nothing fancy but cheap and effective. Got me through my college interviews and internships.


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