Choice: Financing Group VS Classic IBD

Hey guys,

GS/MS/CS Debt Origination within Financing or a Nomura/RBC IBD M&A/Lev Fin role? What do you think? Specifically if I am looking at exit opps in the realm of HF not PE. Also, after spending some time in the Financing group, do you think it would be possible to switch to IBD at the former banks?

Would appreciate constructive comments rather than monkeys trying to claim this is false or that I would be lying. As I have no reason to be wasting my time here if I was.

Thanks in advance kids.

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Dec 21, 2010

For PE, traditionally M&A/LevFin has placed well, as has industry coverage. Financing groups - ones that do terms and pricing and OMs and stuff - have not been traditionally as sought after for PE, but have by no means been undesirable. On the other hand, I think HFs like these guys (qualifier: HFs come in many shapes and forms - e.g. fundamental value investing could look to M&A/industry whereas distress looks to HY/restructuring, etc).

That said, GS/MS/CS are all great brand names and will open doors regardless. And yes, you can move from Financing to classic IBD.

Dec 21, 2010

imo there is a large difference between the GS/MS/CS platform and that of Nomura/RBC, regardless of IBD vs. capital markets. i think the debt origination experience at the former would put you in a solid position for hf recruiting down the road. it is certainly possible to transfer to ibd from the financing groups

Dec 27, 2010

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Dec 21, 2010

any way you can get more specific? cs investment grade debt capital markets vs. rbc lev fin is a much different decision than goldman high yield vs. nomura

What exactly do you mean when you way you are looking for hf opportunities? That can cover a ton of different strategies. In general though, people go into financing groups looking to make a career out of it vs. jumping elsewhere after 2-3 years.

Dec 22, 2010