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Hey all - I joined a Corp Banking unit at one of the largest Canadian banks.

I joined straight as an associate from previous roles that weren't related to wholesale banking.

As I joined right after the fiscal year, I don't really know what the Canadian CB Associates (y1-y3) stand to earn. Base is $100K CAD.

Wondering if anyone has any numbers that they're able to quote to give us a sense of what Canadian Asscoiate bonuses are like in CB?


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Feb 5, 2018

Warren-Dirse, way too quiet in here. What about these resources:

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  • More suggestions...

Maybe one of our professional members will share their wisdom: @Yuri the International @Yuanhui-Wang @mgerrard

Hope that helps.

Feb 14, 2018

Thanks - those are certainly useful threads - unfortunately can't seem to track anything down that is specific to corp banking in Canada.

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Feb 14, 2018

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Feb 14, 2018