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Hi - anyone have any views on Corp Dev for a F20 company vs investment banking - are the pay scales really diff? what about career prospects after a couple years and good transactional experience can one make a jump to a BB?

Thanks in advance.

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Jul 26, 2006


Jul 26, 2006

have a friend who joined corp development after 2 years in industry (not banking)

pay scales at the junior levels are pretty different from banking. while salary levels might be pretty much even, the year-end bonus i'd estimate to be anywhere between 5-25% of your salary... whereas in banking, it's gonna be 75-125% of your salary during a good year like this.

seriously, corp dev is a good job if you love finance, love having a life, and can withstand a substantial haircut in pay. corp dev is also a common exit opp for consultants, as well as a few bankers... after 2 years of making that much $$, i'd think most bankers have too big of an ego to take the cut in pay

Jul 26, 2006

Its all a lifestyle choice. Most people find out after they start that they had the grass is always greener mentality. CorpDev day in and day out can be very boring so you need to have a good "outside work" life to compensate.

Aug 2, 2006

Coming across from Industry, you could find that you are older than your peers. By the time you've been up the relevant experience outside of IB (even something as simple as getting face time in front of your own CEO/CFO) you've normally been in the job for a while. I don't know any other industry where you can have contacts/ deal experience/ confidence so soon after leaving school.

Aug 3, 2006

Hey Wannbblue, you say you have 5+ years of Industry Experience after MBA; could you please give me what the salary and payscale progression looks like for industry for an MBA grad? Thanks so much and sorry i can't help :P :P

Aug 3, 2006

Far easier to go from banking to Corp Dev - you can leave as an Associate or junior VP and go in at a high level - at which point you will take a minor paycut (10% or so), but you can make almost as much due to transaction bonuses etc.

  •  Aug 7, 2006

You are saying people in corp dev can make close to what their peers would in IB?

Nov 11, 2006

What does a person at VP level (MBA + 5 years experience) at a company agressive on M&A front say (Google, IBM, Microsoft etc.) make?

Also would they consider people without deal making experience? what would they look for?

Final questions - what are prospects after a few years in a Corp Dev role at one of the larger Fortune 20 firms? PE an option down the road?

Nov 12, 2006

on Cisco's development group...sounds quite interesting.

Nov 13, 2006