Deciding Between Offers, Pepsi/Soros/Legg Mason or - Holding four offers

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Hey guys,

A little bit about my background, I am a current junior who came from a target school and just went through the whole internship recruitment process. I have previous internship at Operation and Audit at well know firms. This year, I did eventually end up holding four offers (none of them were through OCR..).

1.Pepsi-Finance in White Plain New York, 10 weeks
2.Soros Fund-Project Management in NYC, run through the whole year from April to 2014
3.Legg Mason- Fund Expense Analyst in Stamford,CT, 10 weeks.
4. Big AM in HK (U.S recruiters are not likely to know it tho), which is a FO analyst.

Benefits would be very much the same except that I might get some free Lays and cola from Pepsi...Location is not a concern either(tho I want to eventually work in NYC)

My end goal for full-time recruitment is Transaction Service in Big4, Credit Risk, Equity Research, corporate strategy, or Management/Data consulting. Its very hard for me to choose because while the first 3 are well known company, none of the work is FO and may not have much transferable skills for the position I will be eventually looking for. On the other hand, the AM in HK is not known for the recruiter in the U.S, plus I am not sure how much I can be exposed to since that internship is not well structured.

Now I am leaning more towards Soros since I think the name will be more golden on the resume, however the work may not be as exciting as the other three.

Any comment will be appreciated!