Hi, I'm a senior and I'm looking to apply to the following schools:
Barnard College
Colgate University
Boston College
Lehigh University
Lafayette College
Carleton College
University of Richmond
Vassar College
Smith College

Union College
College of the Holy Cross
University of Indiana (Bloomington)
Villanova University
Dickinson College

I need help trimming down the list to 6 reaches 4 matches or 5 reaches and keep the 5 matches. I see myself at a liberal arts college and will major in economics and minor in biology or statistics, depending on the course interests. I know these schools aren't "business" focused, but many LACs are underrated for recruiting for Wall street. I'm a URM and fairly decent grades (would range from the 25-50% percentiles for stats of the reach schools) and 75%+ percentiles for stats for the matches.
I read on another thread that Vassar and Carleton doen't do well because the students are "save the world" types, even though they are academically ranked higher than other schools. There were many mentions of NESCAC and Patriot league schools, so that accounts for Colgate, Lehigh, Lafayette. But what about Barnard College and Smith College? I'm applying ED to Barnard and EDII to Colgate, but if Barnard isn't a good idea, I'm applying ED to Colgate! Also can anyone confirm the statements about Carleton and Vassar?

Thank you!
PS I know Williams and Amherst are amazing but I don't have the stats.

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Barnard does surprisingly well due to its nyc location, though you also need to take advantage of that (networking, internships, etc)

Purely from a recruiting perspective, if probably take Vassar and Smith off the reaches list. From the match column, I've only actually ever run into people from Indiana, though they also do surprisingly well.

Honestly, as a URM female, get good grades and you should be able to get front office finance interviews from more or less any of the "reach" list.


From my experience, the schools on your list ranked for recruiting:

  1. Barnard College (depending on how well you leverage the location/"columbia" connection)
  2. Indiana University (especially if you get into Banking Workshop, 99% placement in IB)
  3. Boston College
  4. Never heard of the rest

Since you see yourself as more liberal artsy and don't intend on business school, it's hard to rank schools as it is, but narrow down your list and look at the career services office to see which employers recruit actively on campus. For most of those schools, very few banks would do OCR so your chances would be based on alumni connection.


I would fact check the 99% placement from Indiana based on the club's website. Not sure if you are biased because you go there or not. https://kelley.iu.edu/IBN/Members/memberViewForm_1... Many of their students seem to end up in non-IB roles.

If you are focused on liberal arts schools, I know Colgate has a decent representation/alumni base. Can't speak to many of the others.


Don't underestimate the Middlebury/Wesleyan/Bowdoin segment of the NESCAC. Not as many opportunities as Williams/Amherst, but still really good all-around educations, pretty good networks, and some recruiting.


Indiana has a very strong alumni network, especially in the top MM banks in Chicago. I also met a few Lehigh students at my super day, but they did not seem as prepared.

My advice is go to Indiana if possible. Get in their IB program and you're in a great position to land a job on Wall Street.


I've heard Colgate is one of the best. Not sure if it's true.


There were people at my IB who graduated from the following schools:

BC, Colgate, Richmond, Villanova, Indiana


Schools represented out of your list at my particular IB included BC and IU.


I know this is for Undergrad but MBA... M7 is great but is M7 target schools for WallSt or is there a different list that people go by?


I think top 15 is generally good, but the higher up you are on that list, the better.

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