Dress code for interview.

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I just got my first interview for a business consulting internship at a local firm! Any advice on what to expect? I'm just a sophomore so I am pretty green about all this. I've looked up the outline for interviews for consulting jobs, but I don't know how close internship interviews adhere to this.

Also, the interview dress code is business professional. I take that to mean suit and tie, correct?

Also, how conservative are firms typically about hair? I've generally let my hair grow pretty long, to my shoulders. I'm willing to get it cut for a job, but I don't know if i should cut it for the interview, since I may not get the job, in which the hair cut would have been for morning.

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Feb 6, 2020

Yes suit and tie. Look sharp. If you look sharp with long hair, then that is probably ok. At bare minimum, get it trimmed up and clean-looking.

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Feb 6, 2020

Yep, suit and tie. In fact, I'd always recommend wearing a suit and tie. Worst case - you take the tie off and the jacket off. Stick to Navy/Gray/Charcoal - no black - avoid loud patterns and then pick a nice looking tie. Wear decent shoes too, if you don't have a pair now is the time to just get a pair of black lace ups and call it a day (will work with any of the above suits).

On the hair front - I'd by doing to a disservice if I didn't tell you that while long hair is literally the least relevant aspect of a job, overall appearance will matter. Most - and i'll emphasize most here - of the time it just doesn't look professional. There are a few who can pull off a professional man bun, and fewer still who can make shoulder length hair on a guy look professional. Some people will look at that and go "are you fucking kidding me" and some won't notice at all or give a shit. Personally - I would just cut it, look as professional as possible and you'll have it for other interviews. Once you snag the job, then you can consider growing it back out.

As an aside - my general rule of thumb is the more client facing you will be, the more professional you will have to look. Even if you aren't explicitly client facing, I highly recommend investing in a good wardrobe as looking the part will pay dividends for you since so few know how to actually dress, wear proper fitting clothing or take the time to keep themselves in shape/well groomed.

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Feb 26, 2020

Thanks for the advice. I did wind up wearing a navy suit and tie. I did get a haircut...cut it off my ears with a taper off my collar.

The interview went well and they seemed to like me. Here's hoping the haircut wasn't for naught!

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Feb 8, 2020

Good luck in the interview!

Over the course of my career, I have had consultants support me and I have been the consultant. If client facing, they will take notice of wardrobe and grooming. Most of us are in the middle, but the outliers (really good, or really bad will be noticed). If any chance to learn the hair grooming of others in the office it could be useful. If not client facing, might not matter. However, you will probably have different hair than the other applicants. Being "Hi Visibility" and memorable can be good...or bad.

I would recomend a solid color dress shirt. White first, light blue, if you dont have white.

Feb 11, 2020

Absolutely cut your hair.

You don't have to get a high and tight, but any longer than say

Is a mistake

Mar 9, 2020