Dual internships. Conflict of interest?

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I'm currently a sophomore at a non-target with a 3.8 GPA and prior internship experience on an algo trading desk at a fintech company in NYC. My goal is to ultimately land a junior-year SA role in BB IBD.

I have been fortunate enough to have opportunities at both BB PWM (not in a regional office) and a boutique IB in Pennsylvania. The PWM opportunity is a 10-week program beginning in February. I will not have class two days a week next semester (I'm pretty ahead in terms of course credits), so I will be coming into the office on those two days from 9 to 5. The investment bank would like me to do remote work during the academic year and then relocate to Pennsylvania for the summer.

My question is, are there any potential conflicts of interest arising from doing work for both groups over the spring semester? Is it absolutely necessary for me to notify either one that I am also doing work for another company?

Would really appreciate some guidance on this. Thanks in advance.