Eastdil Corporate Advisory vs IB

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Hi, Monkeys! I have been looking at an analyst opportunity with Eastdil Secured's Corporate Advisory team. Does anyone have any insight into how this role would differ from an IB analyst position in terms of hours/culture/exit opps?

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Jun 30, 2019


Jul 1, 2019

Corporate advisory sounds like owner/user advisory work which would be far less desirable than IB.

What is the description of the group?

Jul 1, 2019

"Our Corporate Advisory team is dedicated to understanding the unique competitive and operating environments of our public and private real estate clients. The group uniquely combines strong relationships and real estate knowledge with superior capital markets and advisory expertise to steadfastly provide clients with outstanding advice through any phase of strategic growth and execution. The Corporate Advisory Team is based out of Eastdil Secured's New York and San Francisco offices."

However, the job description seems similar to an IB role, except maybe with a bit more underwriting. There is a 4-week accounting/modeling training for what its worth. Maybe more on the investment side as opposed to pure IB.

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Jul 1, 2019

If the culture is anything like the IS team then its basically the same as IB culture. Maybe a bit less hours. Comparable pay but a bit lower.

Exit ops into PERE/Operators/Developers would be exceptional. Eastdil does a bang up job placing their analysts and associates. Again this is for IS... cannot speak for this particular group.

I think that's one major differentiation from IBD culture. It is more uncommon than not for an analyst to rise up the ranks there as they want to place you in REPE or otherwise. Whereas in IBD, in some groups, they get pissed of you want to leave to PE.

That's about all of got. Eastdil cachet is unparalleled.

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anyone interview for this and have insight?

Aug 1, 2019

OMG it would be so embarrassing if you had to tell your other finance club geek friends you were accepting a job that was not IB. Eastdelti is hard enough to explain and quite embarrassing since it's not Goldman, Morgan Stansl, JP Morgy etc. Anyway just break the news to um. The relief will wash over you and you won't have to worry anymore about how embarrassing it is to be out of IB

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  •  Aug 2, 2019

thank you for that.

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Aug 3, 2019

IB = IB. Not IB = not IB. Not IB = not cool for finance club breakfast chats. TTYS @ next meeting

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Aug 2, 2019

not even worth a MS. go back to bed.

Aug 2, 2019

Hours are similar maybe slightly less. Pay is on par or higher with rest of wall st. Unique insight to both asset level and corporate analysis that one would not be exposed to in a typical iBank. Exit ops are too notch

Dec 8, 2019

Did you ever find out more about the role and what exactly you would be doing ?

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