The Firm works in infrastructure (regulatory economics) mostly. Think water, power, a bit of health.

They've mentioned a case interview that will test knowledge of financial/economic concepts.

I didn't study economics, but i am in STEM so i got through.

What do i need to learn? Can someone list the relevant topics/concepts?

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I don't actually know what they will expect you to know, but if you want to speak the vocabulary, you could probably knock out a book called "Naked Economics" in a day. What you'll take away from it is about what people will remember from freshman econ.

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For one of my economic consulting case interviews, I was expected to understand how to set up a regression analysis at a high level to understand the relationship between certain variables.


Uh as an Econ major, I would say maybe you want to buy Mankiw's introduction to macro and micro economics and read for at least 10 chapters. I haven't done any interviews for econ consulting firms, but I would say that naked economics (which I have read) is definitely not enough if they just go a little bit deeper in concepts, not to mention regression and econometrics. And why go to Econ consulting if you are not econ major? There are a bunch of consulting firms out there.


I agree with the naked economics not being enough. I wanted an actual econ consultant's opinion because that seems way too shallow for what they want.

And why? My honours thesis is on electricity market economics, so it's a great fit with this particular firm. Issue is that i have the quantitative skills, but the economic theory was learnt ad-hoc.



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