FI deriv ops during the semester

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hey guys,

i'm a rising junior and have already applied as a summer analysts to all those banks out there trying to get my foot in the door. my question is, how useful would a FI derivative ops internship during december and subsequently during the semester be for my search for a SnT summer analyst position?

a little background, worked in a distressed/performing credit kinda fund as a research analyst intern.

alt 1: take the job
-learn the tricks of the trade? (would i even?)
-be able to put a bank internship on my resume seeing as i dont have one in a bank altho prospective recruiters might not even be able to see it. (although i could talk about it in my interviews)

alt 2: don't take it (duh just in case i get flamed)
-firstly it might not even be seen on my resume seeing as the deadlines are coming soon
-do more modules so that i can graduate faster?
-finally take a break (somewhat)

p.s the workplace is an hour an a half commute in the morning d:

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Dec 6, 2010

If you can get it take it. I'm not sure what bank deadlines your looking at--whether OCR or on a website, but most end in January and SA are still interviewing in Feb and a few in March. So once you get it on the resume and can say you have that experience, that's another experience to put on the resume. There is also an added possibility, depending on how good you are and the people that you work with in ops, that should everything fall through, but you have been performing well and people like you, that you are able to interview with a group at that bank's S&T with references from the guys you work with (never discount the internal reference--its more valuable than gold).

Dec 6, 2010

thanks gekko21!

anyone else have any other comments? i spent half my day reading all the posts on ops but it was mostly posts bashing them so i was hoping to get more opinions with this thread.

Dec 6, 2010

Definitely do it, as long as you can still concentrate on your grades at school. Irrespective of whether it directly helps you to get a Summer Analyst stint or not, you will be far more knowledgable about the trading process than your peers, something which will probably show in your interviews. Also, your value added is likely to be greater once you're actually doing the FO internship, as you'll have a better understanding of the how the trading desk functions.

Dec 6, 2010

thanks billy. so i guess the opinions lean more towards doing it? especially since its a more complex type of product where i might be able to learn and become more proficient than my peers?

one thing i didn't really mention was what if doing it would make me have to finish my double degree in 4 and a half years? i can't drop the 2nd one for reasons that are really complicated so i'd have to finish it out and if i take up the internship i might have to finish a seester later. is it still advisable then?

Dec 7, 2010