Hedge Fund Interview Prep?

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Good day all! A bit of background here:
I'm a freshman at a non-target public university, but have been working insanely hard to acquire skills, network with professionals, and develop myself in as many ways possible. While I've been trying to figure out where I would fit in best (IB, PE, or HF), I'm trying to work on getting an internship at a HF over the summer. A while ago, I Hail Mary emailed two of the most influential people of power of a major HF in my hometown, and they both recommended me to their HR department, which is now setting up a phone call for a few days from now.

Now, the question is, how do I begin to prepare for this phone call? I'm not sure if it'll be heavy on technical questions, and would most likely spend the majority of time on behavioral questions. What qualities should I portray, and how can I try and ensure either a more serious interview, or any kind of better position to get an internship? I'd love to hear any thoughts and experiences you've had.

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Jan 22, 2019